Friday, July 28, 2006

Unexpected Expenses

Last week I wrote an optimistic post about my debt reduction. I made sure to add the little note that I would be on track if I don't have any unexpected events. Well, I had several. First my coffee machine broke. Two of the kids need either oral surgery and/or braces. My youngest jumped into a fountain outside of an ice cream shop we were at. He may have torn the ligaments in one of his knees...this is the same child that broke his leg in January. I broke my toe yesterday. Thrilling, the story of my life....when it rains it pours!

What has this created? Another black hole. These are the little things that keep pulling me back into the abyss of debt. I did have good news, my parents are going to pay for tickets for me and the kids to visit them in PR. The only problem is that I need to rent a mini-van from day one. We don't fit in the car! That's not a problem, I have income coming in August from the online income sources, but there are still the issues of the braces.

The only alternative is to work harder at the home based businesses. I must set goals and meet them to deal with next month's expenses. starts in September. This means clothing, sneakers, book bags and other school related expenses.

I will be opening an ebay store soon. This will definitely help with the back to school costs. Hopefully I will be able to apply some money towards debt reduction. I'll keep you posted!

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