Monday, August 28, 2006

Reduce Your Debt:

I know what you're thinking. Another "get paid to blog" site? How does this woman find them? I told you I was going to scour the net until I found all the legitimate sites that pay to work from home! Now you know, I deliver!

Hey, I find them and you benefit, right? This new "get paid to blog" site has a lot of potential. How do I know? It was started by a blogger I mentioned here before. Who can do a better job at running a site like this, but a person who was on the other side? Well, the idea for this site was born after another "get paid to blog" site decided to not allow bloggers that used blogs from monetized sites like,, and After getting together on a blogging site, several of the blogging moms exchanged ideas about what worked and what didn't (regarding "get paid to blog" sites). She was the most vocal and we encouraged her to follow her idea of starting up this business. Soon after, this site was born. I wish her the best of luck and will be blogging for her as long as I can!

What do you need?
To get paid to blog on this site, you need two things. First of all, you need a blog. The second important element is a paypal account.

What do you do?
You go to the and register as a blogger. Submit your blogs for approval and then wait for an email to inform you of your status.

What will you blog about?
You may blog about any of the following:
1. a personal website for the purpose of increasing traffic
2. independent filmmakers to promote their movie (sounds like fun)!
3. bands looking for exposure (can't wait)!
4. local businesses that want to increase their web presence

Why happens next?
When there is an offer, you will receive an email. The email will give you the requirements of your post. It will give you information about the product or service, link you have to post and how many words they expect. If you accept the offer, you post your entry in your blog, and send the permanent link in an email to the company. Within five days, you will receive payment by paypal.

There you go, another easy way to earn money to get out of debt. I hope all of you are using these sites. Your paypal account should be growing steadily and your debt should be dwindling!

One more thing, you can also sign up as an advertiser and pay for these same services to boost your business, web site traffic or create a buzz about your blog!

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Can you confirm if is dead or have they simply moved to a new url?