Sunday, August 27, 2006

How To Get Free Walmart Gift Cards

There are certain sites that will give you free gift cards to try out their services. Through some of the sites on the right sidebar (or follow the Make Money Online link), I was able to collect several gift cards. Due to the TOS rules, I can't tell you exactly which sites I used. I took another step that is going to help me purchase a free digital camera. If you join linkshare, you can purchase through own link and save 12% on every purchase. When I combine the free gift cards and the 12% discount...I will get the camera for free.

Here are the steps to follow:
1. Sign up for free trial offers on any of the listed PTR sites that offer Walmart Gift Cards.
2. Sign up for linkshare.
3. Use your linkshare link to make your Walmart purchase for an additional 12% off!

You can get end up getting your purchase for free, depending on how many cards you get and the price of the item you want. There's nothing like FREE!

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