Thursday, August 24, 2006

Debt Reduction: Blogsvertise

Since my last debt reduction post I have found another site that pays you to blog. These sites are great because they not only pay you to blog, but it gives you more topics to write about. I always like to research the topics that I am asked to write about, so I always have fresh content! The payment helps with the debt reduction and the fresh content helps with getting your site indexed regularly. The last time I checked, my blog was on the first page of google under the keywords "getting out of debt", It was listed number three. Not bad... is a fairly new site that pays you to blog!

What tools do you need?
You must have two things. The first is a blog...of course, the second necessary tool is a paypal account.

What do you need to do?
After signing up and being approved, you will be given a site to write about. You need to write a paragraph of about 50 - 60 words about the site and provide a link in your entry, three separate times. You can write about an event in your life or anything else that pertains to the site's content. You can write about the service in a positive or negative light. It's up to you. Just make sure you post three links in your blog.

What happens next?
Once your post is approved, you must wait 30 days for payment. After 30 days, if the post is still on your blog and all the requirements are still in place, will put your payment in your paypal account. What do I like most about this site? They pay $10.00 per post! If you write 10 posts, you make $100.00! Not bad for 50-60 words and a few minutes of your time!

I registered on this site on 8/21/06 and my first blog was approved. On 8/22/06, another 8 blogs were approved. On 8/23/06, I was given my first offer which I completed immediately. I am now waiting for approval of the post and in 30 days, I'll receive the payment!

There you have it, one more way to earn money to get out of debt!


Mike Logan said...

Hello Supermom,

Frazzled Father very curious about the sites you have been asked to review. Mike

Anonymous said...

Would you like to trade links? I really like your website and have found it useful since I'm a grad student looking to get out of debt as well. My blog is:

Anji said...

I'd like to know if you did get paid. I've been finding a bit of negative feedback on this one.

Anonymous said...

Awesome list man! thanks for all that information it will be very useful. I'm on a money making journey just like yourself ;)

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