Saturday, July 15, 2006

Debt Reduction Update

July has been a lucrative month so far. The online income has brought me close to $500.00 so far and that's not including the google adsense. That $500.00 is just from the online income opportunities. When I add the income from affiliates, the adsense and the home based businesses... it looks very promising.

I finished paying my car insurance this month, which means that frees up $260.00 for next month's credit card payments. This month's new online income opportunity will bring me more than $200.00 next month. If I don't have anymore crazy events that bring unexpected repairs....I will be very close to annihilating all the debt. I will post all the figures at the end of July. I believe I will be able to pay off at least three more cards. If I can manage to get a few more posts in on my other blogs the total will go up to four cards!

My goal was to find online opportunities to create income for debt reduction and I have suceeded. The icing on the cake is when I finally pay that last card! After that, I'm paying off the minivan....

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