Saturday, July 15, 2006

Deals to Help You Stay Out Of The Kitchen

Looking for deals that will save me money and time away from the ktichen, I came across these. When looking at a deal I always take into consideratin all the following factors.

I look at:
1. the cost of the item.
2. the cost of the gas I consume to purchase it.
3. the time I use to buy it, prepare it or actually cook it.
If I can use my time more efficiently earning money than cooking a meal, guess what! I am not cooking and they are getting one of these.

Here are the deals. Like I explained, most restaurants have deals during the beginning of the week when their business is slow.

Domino's Pizza Pick any 3 Mix and Match $6.00 each
Pizza Hut Key in your zip code and they'll give you coupons to print up!
Denny's Kids Eat FREE Tuesday nights and at some ocations Sat. 4pm-10pm
Little Caesars coupon

My daughter filled put us on the email list for Ponderosa. We immediately started receiving coupons in our inbox!
Red Lobster's site has an "overboard club". Once you register, they email you a coupon for a free dessert or appetizer!

Hope you get to enjoy some time away from your kitchen without spending a ton of money! Enjoy your summer...

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