Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Blogitive : $125.00 in 3 days

I saw a google ad for Blogitive get paid to blog. Because of my busy lifestyle, I forgot to check it out. Not too long ago, a few bloggers started raving about the site. I asked a certain blogger that I trust about her personal review of the site. She stated they were true to their ads. You blog, put up a link to the URL (they give you) on your blog's post and they pay you $5.00!

I signed up and was guilty of forgetting to check the site regularly. Last week, I checked and in three days I made $125.00. I should be receiving my payment through paypal this Friday.

How does Blogitive work? First of all, you need to have a blog. After their review of your blog, they must accept it. After that, you need to log in to their site regularly to see if there are any outstanding offers for any of your blogs. If you choose to accept the assignment, you write a post related to the item you will be blogging about, summarize the web release that they provide and create a hyperlink to the web site of their choice with the key phrase they provide. You submit the URL on their site (to the post you wrote) and if they approve your post, your account is credited. They pay on a weekly basis by paypal.

If you are thinking of joining, please tell them I sent you. The referral needs to be identified by email address: this is mine Please, copy and paste that email address, use Blogitive's contact us form and inform them that I referred you. Thanks, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a copy of the webpage to prove that the account was credited:

Contact Us Report a Bug Logout Home Open Offers Completed Offers My Blogs My Account
Completed Offers
ID Link For Blog Completed Payout
# 41509 TheClassy1 Today, 15:16 $5.00
# 41441 bloggerparty blog/ theclassy1 Today, 15:16 $5.00
# 41437 Holding It Down Today, 15:16 $5.00
# 41432 Gift Giving Made Easy Today, 15:16 $5.00
# 40680 Supermom's Writing Up Blog Today, 15:16 $5.00
# 40679 TheClassy1 Today, 15:15 $5.00
# 40611 bloggerparty blog/ theclassy1 Today, 15:15 $5.00
# 40602 Gift Giving Made Easy Today, 15:15 $5.00
# 38618 Holding It Down Today, 15:15 $5.00
# 38615 Gift Giving Made Easy Today, 15:15 $5.00
# 38376 bloggerparty blog/ theclassy1 Today, 15:15 $5.00 .......

This is what your completed offers page will look like...except I took off the clients key phrase because of confidentiality issues.

Just another site for all of you that desire to make money from home. Hope you enjoy the site and let them know I sent you with this:


I just received a confirmation from paypal that I received a payment for $115.00. I wasn't credited for the submissions I made on Friday, but they paid me for all the others!!! Obviously, I'll receive the other $10.00 combined with the $5.00 for the one I'm writing right now later this week! This site is great. They pay without a problem, the assignments are pretty easy, the posts take very little time to complete and you still make money off the adsense on your blog. Not bad?!?!

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Anji said...

Thanks I shall certainly try that one out, but not in the next few weeks as I have some 'outside'work.

Anji said...

I've just applied and I couldn't find anywhere to mention your email address!

supermom_in_ny said...

You have to use their "contact us" form and copy and paste my email address. Since they are fairly new, they haven't incorporated an automated referral system yet.


supermom_in_ny said...

Dearest James:

1. I don't post any of the blogitive links here.
2. You can see that the freebies links lead you to the manufacturer's site.
3. I have received comments and emails thanking me for the freebies and online income sites that I have posted. People are making money from the sites I recommend.
4. Is it really polite to tell people what they should or shouldn't post on their OWN BLOG?
5. Spam? I noticed you have opened 3 accounts with blogger and have a total of one post on all of them. Not a good average, doesn't tolerate that. They consider those spam blogs!

I'm sorry that you feel that way. I am keeping a journal of how I am getting out of debt, earning income online and sharing freebies with everyone. You know what they say: "You can't make everyone happy!"

Thanks for the comment anyway!

supermom_in_ny said...

There are actually 3 posts on one of James' 3 blogs and they were posted in March.

Anonymous said...

Well, I signed up with Blogitive awhile ago and never heard back from them. Tried again today and hopefully this time it will go through. If I may ask - which of your blogs are you using for your blogitive links?


supermom_in_ny said...

Hey Allison!!!!
I hope that you are doing well.

I am not using the B5fansite, this one, Sending Smiles Across the Miles or blogevolve. I am using all the others and that includes Holding It Down!

You have to check everyday, several times a day. I'll keep you updated with the info on the other online income sites.

Take care!

Nita said...

Great tips for beginners like me!
I do appreciate your time in posting this topic. Thank you so much :-)

Linda said...

Thanks for posting all the paid to blog info. I signed up with Blogvertise and was accepted. Right after I was accepted I got 2 jobs. My first paid to post jobs! I was excited. I hope you don't mind, I'm also writing about some of these paid to post sites and my experience with them. I think this is one of the better ways to earn money from home. Visit my blog and Squidoo lens. The Squidoo lenses are fun. I have you to thank for finding that also, so thanks!

Anonymous said...

I've been searching all over the net for some new income streams, especially since my network is still very small. So this seems like it will be a good addition to help me reach my goals. Thanks for the great tip! I joined using your email as a referral.

Bestfreebies said...

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Bestfreebies said...

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Dori on the Texas Coast said...

I come from a "anything to make a buck" family. As a child, I can remember MANY days walking around picking up cans with my mom. We were not so poor we NEEDED to pick up cans but it was something to do and it brought in a little extra change. I find that many of the internet opportunities are just like picking up cans...only without the embarassment of someone I know seeing me!! Thank you so much for your useful information. A few cents is a few cents. If I'm sitting here doing nothing but surfing and chatting or watching TV, I may as well earn a bit for my time, uh? Thanks again for your efforts and sharing your knowledge and experience.

Just Me

Christy said...

I think it's great that you're doing so well with blogitive! I'm with blogitive too, as well as some other companies. I don't know why anyone would think of it as spam. When I'm watching T.V. and the commercials come on, it's not spam, it's advertising. Same with newspapers, magazines, etc. I think of it as blog commercials!
Good luck and happy blogging!

Unknown said...

Hello it's me come visit me @ I really found your site helpful, I helped you with some free advertising congrats on all comments good job your a for real moma and I respect that... partner!?

I would call you Wonder Woman if you were single...

turneybg said...

hey I have a like minded site. I added you to my blog roll and technorati favorites, If you could return the favor I would appreciate it:)

Vani Diana said...

Hi, I'm really trying to be accepted by the post review's companies, but I'm confused on how to start it. I've my own personal blog, and I plan to make another blog for reviews only. Is it possible to apply the later blog to the post review's companies? Are there any special circumstances must be met to be accepted? Such as; a blog that must be more than 6 months old, the contents must be originals (you can't use free articles and such to fill the blog), it must be submitted to social bookmarking networks or blog directories, etc...? Please help me, thanks.

Santhakumar said...

Hi, I started blogging six months before. But nowadays blogitive is not giving money to my blog. Can you tell me at what time the offers are coming in Blogitive. This is my mail, Please send your reply to my mail Thanks for your time.