Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Trackback From All Financial Matters!

People think I am crazy for the things that I say. I am brutally honest and that's probably why I am so attracted to blogging about personal finance. All Financial Matters asked what would you do money were no object.

I always tell people that if I came across a large sum of money, I would do the following:
1. Tithe!
2. Pay off all my debt.
3. Make sure my 7 kids are taken care of for life.
4. Pay off all my father's debts and renovate his house exactly the way he wants it.
5. Pay off both of my sister's debts 100%.
6. Give gifts to two of my closest friends!

People ask me why I care about my family. Why would I pay for my families debts? Well, if it wasn't for my father-the kids and I would be homeless. The fact that fathers like mine exist is a miracle in itself. As for my sisters, this is just a small example of what they have done for me.

Now that you understand my past and my family, wouldn't you do the same?


Anji said...

family should always come first.
I see 'tithe' comes first. Have you read 'bring out the magic in your mind'?

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone have a problem with you blessing your family with the gift of debt freedom? That's what I would do for my family! I'm with you. But if they got in trouble again, then they might be on their own...