Thursday, April 06, 2006

This Is How Much Money I've Made From The Work From Home Sites

Here is a short list of how much money I've made from the work from home sites. I will be listing the link, how much time I spent on the venture and the total or rounded up monetary gain (due to google's TOS limitations).

1. 500cents-500dollars
I found this site from a person that claims they made money quickly and it was legitimate. Naturally, I had to sign up and see for myself. It is a paid to read email site and it also has paid auto surf, paid trial offers and more. I signed up April 4, 2006. On April 5, they sent me 8 emails. I opened the emails today April 6, 2006. Each email has a 60 second timer which endures you are staying there a minimum amount of time. After the 60 seconds, your account is credited. I made $8.00 in 8 minutes of time. The minimum payout is $500.00, but that could be made in several weeks with these emails or even faster if you sign up for free offers. Not bad for 8 minutes of your time.
Total Time Spent: 8 minutes
Actions: Read 8 emails
Total Amount: $8.00

2. Yesterday, I wrote about ReviewStream a writing site. I wrote one article and received an email two days later with the payment notification. I just wrote a second article the day before yesterday. I got an email with another payment notification. It took me ten minutes to write a two paragraph review on my cell phone and portable DVD player.
Total Time Spent: 10 minutes for each review (20 minutes overall)
Actions: Wrote a two paragraph review on a product.
Total Amount: $4.00

3. I found Helium Knowledgethrough a bloggerparty member named Ms. Zola. You answer questions or ask a question and give an answer (you make double the amount). When people read them, you get paid. The way the system is set up, every time someone answers the question-they have to read everyone's answer. Therefore, everyone that has answered the question gets paid. I signed up last Thursday March 30, 2006 and answered one question. Then I answered a few more questions since Monday (10 more to be exact). You answer the questions and they create a passive income.
Total Time Spent: 30 minutes (overall)
Actions: Wrote some answers to questions.
Total Amount: $8.00

4. Can't forget the google adsense. That is my most time consuming venture. I blog on many, many sites. I then have to optimize the entries for the search engines, build traffic, send pings, create viral content, submit articles all over the net and hope that people will link to my blogs-to increase rank. It is the most time consuming venture, but I hope that in the end-it will pay off.
Total Time Spent: Most of my waking hours.
Actions: Too many to elaborate on.
Total Amount: All I can say is that I received a pin number. I'm not too far from getting my first payment.

5. Affiliate marketing is another venture. I have put up some links at Gift Giving Made Easy with great gift ideas for many occasions. I have spent a lot of time doing this. I will receive a check pretty soon.
Total Time Spent: At least 48 hours overall.
Actions: Created deep links and wrote content optimized for search engines.
Total Amount: Couldn't receive a check because although I made money I haven't made any of the minimum payouts. Let's just say about $20.00 from the different sources. ***UPDATE***Things have changed and I will get one soon.

These are just a few. I don't want to overload anyone. Please feel free to leave a comment and/or your favorite money making site...


Sripathi Ramadurai said...

I have tried Yahoo Publisher (competes with Google's Adsense) and I must say that their payout is higher than Adsense. Its probably because they are still in beta.... But, who cares.

supermom_in_ny said...

I can't use both of them on the same blog, right? Not that it matters. I have many, many blogs and I may be able to use them there. The problem is that the traffic on some of the other blogs is not much...

Me said...

Do you think the $1 per e-mail read will be the standard rate? That just seems really high. I assumes the price varies for each e-mail? Good blog and good info!!

supermom_in_ny said...

Actually, I just got the second batch of emails and thye were all $1.00 each. At this rate, I should make the payout in two omnths. If I sign up for a free offer, it will speed up the process-but then I'll have to start all over again for another payout.

They charge for ads and split the profit with the member, like adsense.

Thanks for the compliment. I glad that you find the information useful...

supermom_in_ny said...
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Anonymous said...

just signed up for the $1.00 email. Do you know how long it took for you to start getting the emails?

supermom_in_ny said...

The emails usually arrive at night.

Anonymous said...

500cents-500dollars is a SCAM. You'll never get any payment from such companies. Make a small investigation using search engines and don't waste your time.