Friday, April 07, 2006

Associated Content: A Writing Site That Pays

Here is a writing site by the name of Associated Content that pays. How do I know? Well, I just got the confirmation email this morning. It took a week for them to approve it. They read the content and made me an offer. I came across this site on bloggerparty (another place that I blog at). A young girl stated that she was making money by writing articles and submitting them here. Now her statement is confirmed. Associated Content really pays.

The article that I wrote was from the list of topics that they are requesting. I wrote about my neighborhood. Pretty easy topic, don't you think? They are looking for people that will write about the places to dine in your city, great places to visit and the best places to host children's parties. Let's see? That's a no brainer for me. Being the mom of 7, I have used most of the places for children's parties myself. Who else can say that? They have been invited to countless parties and I have paid to give them these parties as well. (I would rather pay to have a party at one of these places then deal with the aftermath of a kid's party and 7 kids). That was the content of my article. Ten places that you might want to have your child's next birthday party...

Here's the breakdown:
Time spent: 30 minutes
Actions: Wrote a lengthy article on the topic of my choice.
Total Amount: $6.00

This site sends you an offer and you choose whether you want to take it or you want to pass. I like that feature because if you think it is worth more, you have the choice of taking it somewhere else. They pay between $5.00 and $40.00 per article. I have to admit that I was expecting a little more, but I'm going to take the offer. Why? I'm trying out other places, but if they don't pay...I'll stay here. It's quick and easy money. I write on over ten blogs anyway, sometimes for free or for change-depending on how the adsense does. (By the way, they pay using paypal or you can have snail mail deliver a check.)

I have submitted to another writing site and will report the findings on that one. I have a feeling they are going to be a little more lucrative. Don't worry I will divulge all the details.

Stay tuned!

*******Update: February 7, 2007*******
See how easy it is to write an article, be published and earn money with Associated Content!
Here are a few of my submissions:


Anonymous said...

I got $8 dollars for my first article on AC. I like it a lot. I got my money the same day and now am thinking about going exclusive rights,

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Anonymous said...

My first one got rejected for payment, and I decided that AC wasn't for me. I was disappointed, too, because I came up with something substantial about how to talk to your partner if you're fighting. It seemed bogus to let them have the content, so I refused to write for them. I definitely do not recommend this service.

Anonymous said...

I just joined this, I figured it was a great way to earn extra income!