Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Free Motorola V3 Rzr

With this deal you can get a FREE Motorola V3 Rzr after all the mail in rebates. If you are into new high tech gadgets, this may be something you will want to look into.

Yesterday, I wrote about how I was looking for a new cell phone service provider because my contract is expiring. This is the time to look for a better deal and freebies! I am using Cognigen to stake out the best deal. They work just like Progressive auto insurance. You type in your zip code, they tell you which companies provide service in your area and the best priced plans as well as all the phones being offered (with the prices). They eliminate the problem of getting a plan and realizing you can't use your cell phone from your home! (Trust me, it's happened to me with Virgin Mobile, Sprint and Voice Stream (in the early days of cell phones). I am not even going to go into the horror stories with roaming charges!!!

Here is how it works:
1. They have many offers for lots of cell phones. With some of the offers you end up getting cash back. One of the phones leaves you with $60.00 in your pocket. The cash back is in the form of rebates offered by the companies. It's listed right on the site.
2. I like my Samsung camera phone, but this Motorola has a better camera phone and also has the ability to download Itunes at amazing speeds. You can surf the net with the bluetooth technology, text message-it does everything but make you coffee in the morining!!!!
3. The phone cost $149.99 (gray and black) $169.99 (pink), but after the rebates the total cost is $0.00 with free shipping 2 day shipping.
4. The offers ends 4/22/06, so think about the offer and if it works for you...take advantage of it.
5. If you become a cognigen agent, you make a commission off your own purchase. So, you actually pay yourself for getting the services you already get.

I am going to think about it. I don't see any reason why I wouldn't benefit. The plans they have are cheaper than my current one and I shouldn't have a problem with service plus I get a new high tech phone for free. It seems like a win/win situation. I don't see any setbacks, but if you do leave me a comment. Sometimes, one can overlook a simple detail. I always read all the TOS, the fine print, all the details -well except for that big UH-OH with the H&R Block IRA! Fortunately, I just may end up getting some money from there if there is a class action suit...

Have a great day and I may be back to post later. I have to take my 4 yr old to the dentist. That will be an adventure....

Here's the link for the phones:

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