Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Entrepreneur and His Ingenuity

The Entrepreneur is ingenious in making money. He started in kindergarten. I started noticing he was coming home with change in his book bag. I questioned his father and he stated he didn't know where it was coming from.

Later that day.
I see that there is money in your book bag. Where did it come from?

The Entrepreneur in a matter of fact tone that only children use:
The kids in my school.

Me a little shocked and curious:
Why are the kids giving you money?

The Entrepreneur answers:
You and Daddy buy me all the cool toys. I always bring them to recess. One day a boy asked me to play with my toys and I said no. Then he offered me money to play with my toys, so I asked him how much he had and he told me. I agreed to let him play with it for that money. Now the kids ask me what toys I have. I bring them to recess and they pay me to play with the toy.

That's how he got his nickname...way before I started blogging. Kids have paid him for his snacks, Yugi-Oh cards, Pokemon cards and video games.

This was the latest conversation I had about his entrepreneurial pursuits.

The Entrepreneur ran into the house after school:
Mom, guess what?

What? I answered.

The Entrepreneur:
Remember the chain Daddy let me buy in the store...For a dollar-my blink chain?

(It was a gaudy costume jewelry chain that resembled the ones rap artists where in their videos) Yes, I remember.

The Entrepreneur:
I wore it to school and this kid wanted it. I said no, but he told me that he would pay me $ I sold it. Mom, I made $6.00!

See what I mean?

He was born with that. It wasn't taught. Both sets of my grandparents were entrepreneurs. They owned their own businesses and worked for themselves...unfortunately only one died with some assets. When it came to investing they were not well informed. My ex-husband owns his own business, but he spends like crazy. On the plan I had devised, we should have been millionaires by now-but he chose to cheat on me and move on. So, now I get to nurture The Entrepreneur (11) and his pursuits to make something out of nothing.

Pretty funny, huh? It gets better. The Diva (12) decided she could buy some accessories and get them for free. How? While waiting in the doctor's office, a lady that I know started explaining her business ventures on ebay. She explained that she buys two of everything and sells the other one on ebay-that way she gets her item for FREE! That got The Diva thinking...

We went to the mall on Tuesday. She asked me to take her to a certain accessory store that has outrageous clearance sales-15 or 10 items for $5.00. This particular day the sale was 10 for $5.00. The Diva asked me to help her through the clearance bins to find some items. I did. She paid $5.00 and then told me she was going to sell the lip glosses in school. I asked her why. She told me she was going to see if the ladies method worked. That way the lip glosses would pay for the items she really wanted. In the end, her 10 purchases would be FREE!

So now you know a little about two of my 7 kids. I know you are curious about what they look's The Entrepreneur and here's The Diva!

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Anji said...

This is good for their maths too! We've started eBaying, Rob collects vintage postcards and he started to sell off swaps, the most someone has paid for an old postcard up todate is €36/$30 . He works in a monument so he buys souveneers and put them up for sale, your daughter is on the right track. Stay with stuff that is easy to post!