Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Credit Card Debt Update

The Credit Card Debt Update

The update for this month must be done. So here are the new figures. Try not to pass out...

Macy's 230.00
Old Navy 400.00
Filene's 293.07
Capital One 275.87
WalMart 553.77
Express 200.00
Ny&CO 750.00
Sears 1200.00
Sears 2200.00
JCPenney 1700.00

This month I paid off:
Children's Place 118.00 (I had to buy the 12 yr old something -growth spurt)
Target 189.04

So far, I have paid off four cards:
1. Victoria's Secret
2. The Limited
3. The Children's Place*
4. Target

I am not charging anything on any of these cards (except for the one time with my 12 year olds growth spurt and I paid it anyway*). To reward myself and the kids I plan to travel to see my parents in Puerto Rico this summer. That not only motivates me to find more ways to make income online, but it gives the kids an incentive to save $$ and conserve EVERYTHING!

I have been experimenting, investigating and researching many different ways of making money online. I wanted to post more on Operation Debt Pay Off, but I want to give accurate figures and I am still waiting for some of the totals to get back. I am determined and succeeding!

STAY TUNED! The credit cards are going to get paid and then I'm moving on to saving money and attaining wealth!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with getting rid of the credit card debt. credit card debt was one of the things that ruined me a few years ago. Now I have a card that has a low limit and i pay it off every month.

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