Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Carnival Of Debt #28

It's time for the Carnival Of Debt again. I love to submit entries and read everyone else's! There are many great reads, so make your way on over and enjoy.

Don't forget. If you haven't already started, come back and read how I am GETTING OUT OF DEBT! Join me in waving goodbye to all those creditors! I wish I could say good bye to the oil companies, but as long as I live at The Little House on The Prairie- they will have a hand in my finances! Here's another photo of my neighborhood. You see why I call it The Little House On on the Prairie?

I'll be back to post later, I have to take one of the 7 dwarves to the doctor, he's scheduled to have the cast removed on Thursday!

Remember to spend and save wisely...


Anji said...

You live in a very beautiful place.

kassy said...

People say they live in New York and I automatically think of the city, but you live in an absolutely beautiful area. Good luck with your debt!