Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Getting Out of Debt

The object of this blog is to share the information that I have amassed concerning getting out of debt. It is a test to see if an average person in America can actually succeed in getting out of debt by making money online. By using my life, I am using the worst case scenario.

Why you ask?
1. I have many children and that increases the chances of using up any resources very quickly and creating even more debt.
2. I have a disabled child and it is difficult to find appropriate day care therefore making it difficult to find full time employment.
3. I live about 25 minutes from the nearest town so it increases the time of the daily commute to anywhere. Creating the need for longer day care costing more money and leaving less money to apy the debt.
4. I have to split the kids up at different child care providers, which increases the gas consumption of travel which again leaves less money to pay the debt.
5. When the children get sick and they pass it on to one another it increases my chances of losing my employment (which has occurred). This increased the debt some nore!
6. I don't have any friends and family here or any support system. There is just me and that means I can never get SICK. I have to pay for ALL the day care I need all the time!

So, if I succeed anyone can. Right? There are many other issues here, but why go there? I have succeeded in getting out of debt before, but it entailed working overtime and being very frugal. It can be done. Why am I in debt again, you ask? Well, that's what divorce creates. It sometimes creates a household living way below the poverty level. You then add: loss of employment, missed child support payments and many, many unforeseen mishaps such as car trouble and it is a deadly mix. So, now I have to find ways of paying the basics: such as food, clothing,and shelter and pay off the creditors like the car payment, car insurance and credit cards (which provide the clothing).

Doing lots of research on the internet, I came across blogs. I started blogging as a creative outlet. I also wanted to help others dealing with raising a child with autism. That is when I was introduced to google adsense. I put them up on my blog and didn't really get much revenue. I was also looking at different sites and income opportunities. Some of these included surveys, affiliate programs and article submissions. So far, the surveys have brought me some money. If anyone is interested, I can post the exact locations of the legitimate websites. (I'll post about that later). Haven't had much luck with the affiliate programs (with the exception of the free greeting cards on the right) or the article submissions.

While I continued to research the google adsense program, I learned a lot. The information that I found is key to this little venture. I will start implementing it immediately and will share the progress with you. I am going to succeed and hopefully you will follow my lead and be victorious as well.

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