Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Financial Goals for the New Year 2021

Hey! It has been 8 years since I posted on this blog! I am not the same person I was so many years ago. So much has happened that has changed me. However, I'll save that for my other blog. This blog is about getting out of debt, saving, investing and a lot more! I am not going to give investing advice. I am a novice. I am an expert at couponing, budgeting and squeezing every penny out of everything.

Here are a few of the most important things that have happened in my financial life.

1. I have a job in the mental health field. I know, so different from all of the things I blog about. Trust me when I tell you, it is challenging. I love to help people, but it can be emotionally exhausting. I hope to earn some passive income once again.  Keep reading, you'll understand why.

2. Remember, I have 7 kids? One of my children died at the age of 26. He went into the military a healthy young man. When he returned, he became very ill. He blessed me with a grandson that he only got to spend 8 months with. My grandson and his mother live with us. All of my kids have moved out except for my youngest. He has autism and will be in school until the age of 21. My son will need funds to care for him for life.

3. I don't carry any credit card debt. No credit cards. One credit card company is garnishing my check. I can't wait for that to be over. I will be able to use that to pay off the mortgage and then invest it.

4. I am trying to payoff my mortgage in 2 1/2 years. Follow my journey!

5. I am married. I should have started with that. We don't combine our incomes.  I believe our marriage wouldn't survive that. 

6. I have 3 grandchildren and one on the way. Have investment accounts for them. I want them to have options. I don't want them to go into the military to pay for college. My son's passing is the reason for that.

7. I put a nice amount into my 403b. Just increased it to 20%!

8. I have an additional IRA. I want to make monthly deposits to see how that does.

9. I have an Acorns account and have weekly automatic deposits set up. Here is my link, if you're interested in joining!  It is greatly appreciated.

10.I have an ETrade account. Want to focus on more ETF's.

Those are the biggest changes in my life. I will be sharing my journey of getting it together and giving my grandchildren the life I couldn't give my kids. Follow me and share your thoughts and comments!

What are your financial goals?  Have you written everything down to really look at what you're achieving?

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