Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Court Reporting: A Parent Friendly Job

There aren't too many jobs that are mom friendly. Some occupations such as nurses in hospitals are convenient because you can work your work week in 3 too 4 days. On the other hand, you need an excellent support system because you work 12 hour shifts. Other jobs like day care providers allow you the freedom of being home with your child, however you also need to care for other children. If you become a court reporter, you have some flexibility with your schedule.

Personally, I could not be a court reporter. Here's the crazy reason. After the horrible time I had going to family / child support court, I get physically sick even thinking about court. Even driving by a court house turns my stomach. I told you it was insane, but I digress. Working as a court reporter has it's perks. I knew someone that went to college for this. She enjoyed her job and it was the perfect fit for her. She is a mom to four children. She was able to create her work schedule to accommodate her children, their sports and her church too. How many jobs give you that much flexibility? Not many. Perhaps, an early intervention therapist. I happen to know they have great hours ( and pay) too!

Did I get you thinking about a new career? Learn more about this exciting career. For those of you that are looking for a court reporter position, just fax your resume to: Scott Huseby at 800-442-2082. You may also email it to:

Some benefits of working at Huseby:

  • national company
  • only company that pays court reporters weekly
  • offers direct deposit
  • offers wide range of clients from local firms to gov't to corp
It's always great to learn about new options for a career path.  So many people are out of work, the job market is super competitive.  Sometimes taking a different road may be the way to go...

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