Wednesday, November 09, 2011

6 Steps to Becoming a Freelance Writer

Many parents wonder how they can earn more money, without being gone from home longer hours. One possible answer is to become a freelance writer. Here’s how!

1. Decide on a Goal
The first step is to decide on what you want to do with the extra money that you will be earning. This will help you stay motivated to work on it every day, like you would go to a real job. It is important to know exactly what you want. While many people start a writing career, very few stay with it, because they lack the motivation.

2. Search the Internet
The second step is to search the Internet for possibilities. There are several out there. Decide if you want to write articles or term papers. Opportunities also exist to write magazine articles. Look, in particular, at what you will be paid. Some sites pay as low as $1.00 an article, while others will pay up to $15. Decide what your time is worth and do not settle for less. There are great opportunities out there.

3. Study

Once you have decided on what site you want to try to write for, it is important to learn their rules. Look at what style of writing they will judge you on. Some sites use AP style, while others use MLA. Knowing the style will help you score high when you apply. Do not rely on grammar and spelling programs, they are filled with mistakes. You must learn the rules for yourself and be able to follow them.

4. Apply for a Job
Once you have decided on the right place for you to write, apply for a job there. They will ask you some personal information and a writing sample. When writing your sample, it is important that your content make sense. Make sure your  words tell the story the best. Furthermore, make sure that all your punctuation marks are correct according to the style that you will be writing. Make sure that you have spelled all the words correctly. Proofread your application carefully. Then, an experienced writer would recommend you proofread it yet again. Many experienced writers suggest that you read your work out loud to make sure that it makes sense. It is much easier to get a good rating early than earn one later.

5. Submit Your Tax Information
Most companies you will want to work for will require you to submit a W9 form. They will report your earnings to the government just like a regular job. Make sure to set aside part of your money to pay your taxes. Plan on filing your taxes quarterly.

6. Write Great Articles
When the company hires you, many companies require a probation period in which they will look at your work very carefully. Make sure that you submit great articles each time. Make sure that you understand exactly what the client wants before you write the article.

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