Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hotdogs for Everyone!

Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays
Who would have guessed opening a tiny hotdog stand was going to be such an undertaking? I had originally wanted to open a new truck, but those are just really too expensive when you're just getting off the ground. I decided instead to purchase a gourmet hotdog truck from someone I knew and really turn it into the business of my dreams. At first, it took a long time to get all permits situated so I was legally allowed to sell food on the street. The next big hurdle was figuring out a way to process credit cards from my mobile station, but I found a lot of really helpful websites like online merchant services which eventually led me to a good credit card processor. I opened the store a couple of weeks ago and business has been great, but I'm still tweaking the recipes a little bit. I had no idea there were so many territories issues when it came to selling food on the street, but I learned really quickly!

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