Friday, February 06, 2009

How to Make Money With a People Search Engine

In December of 2008, I came across a splash page that explained 1/3 of all searches on the internet were people searches. With this in mind, Tissa Godavitarne hired someone to create a people search engine that generated over a million dollars in affiliate commissions. I decided to give it a try: Instant People Search Results.

Creating your search engine is divided into three steps. The first step is signing up with several affiliate programs. You will have to open affiliate accounts with three sites. (This is where much of my commissions were earned.)

The second step is hosting the site. You have a choice of using startlogic or GDI. Use GDI because it creates a nice residual income. (When you have 5 people sign up in a 7 day time span and purchase 10 GDI opp. DVDS (2.95), you earn a $100.00 bonus. After that, you earn a $1.00 a month for every referral in your downline. It really adds up.) That's why you need to Make Money Online With GDI!

The third step is subscribing to Tissa's advertising program. For $29.95 a month, you benefit from his advertising on Google and Yahoo. There is a page that shows you each visitor to your site.)

If you subscribe to his advertising, you can add your adsense code to your search engine. Make sure you take advantage of this income opportunity. I did get a lot of revenue from my adsense.

You also get a $125.00 payment from Tissa within 24 hours of creating your site (all three steps). You also earn up to $30.00 for each referral!

This is a definite money maker. There were days my profits tripled the amount of money I used to advertise.

With this one site you earn money from:
two other affiliate programs
referral program

Now you know what to expect. I know what you're thinking...

How do I get visitors to my site?
1. He suggests you advertise on Adwords. I took his advice. I also advertise on Yahoo and a few others. I bought the Adwords ebook called Beating Adwords and it delivered! You can use the same strategy on Yahoo to get excellent results.
2. Here are several PayPerClick Companies that are currently running promos.
3. You can use article marketing. Don't know how to do that? Subscribe to an ecourse I created that teaches you how to use free sources on the internet to generate traffic.
4. Use social bookmarking and submit your search engine to directories.

How do I get referrals?
Traffic exchanges are a great way to get free leads for any business. I currently surf in over 30 traffic exchanges. Lucky for you, not mnay people are advertising their people search engine referral registration page.

Which traffic exchanges should I use?
Join traffichoopla. They keep track of the stats. Only the top traffic exchanges are listed. Be sure to add your username to each site on traffichoopla. That way, you'll get credit for anyone that joins under your link. (You advertise traffichoopla's referral link, instead of each individual site). I'm a member of all of them and surf regularly. I also make money while I surf traffic exchanges.!

Two other excellent ways of getting free referrals are:

If you decide to join GDI and not the search engine, join It's free to join. You then advertise their splash page on traffic exchanges. provides a free lead capture page that loads fast. The page has an optin box to collect your visitors email addresses and it has an autoresponder. The auto responder sends email reminders to get them to join your GDI downline.

I think that's it. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the comment area.

Good luck making money online!


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