Friday, December 12, 2008 : Make Some Money to Pay Your Credit Cards

Linkshowoff is another way I found to make some quick money with your blog. How do you make money? It's easy. You sign up, create a widget and place the widget on your site. When someone purchases a link on the widget, you earn money.

Ten Things You Need to Know About
1. You can use them on any site that allows javascript.
2. You can choose how many links you want to sell: 5, 10, 20.
3. The links are automatic, but you can have a link removed if you don't like the advertiser.
4. They have several colors available to complement your site.
5. They also offer a marketplace for advertisers. Be sure to choose the appropriate tags.
6. How much should I charge for links to my blog? You choose how much you want to charge for a link.
7. How will Linkshowoff pay me? When you reach the minimum payout of $10.00. They process payments through paypal.
8. How do they make money? They keep $3.00 of every monthly payout. This isn't bad when. Textlinkads charges 50% of what you earn. This company charges the least of all the text link brokers.
9. They offer a referral program. You earn $3.00 for every person that signs up and earns $3.00 on their site. *I would greatly appreciate if you would sign up under my link below :)
10. Will Google penalize me for selling text links? No, their links are no follow.

I hope you'll give it a try.


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