Wednesday, July 23, 2008 Sell Text Links to Pay off Debt!

Blogrolled is a site that allows bloggers to sell advertiser's text links on their blog or site. Registering is easy and quick. If you have a popular niche blog, you'll get an advertiser to sponsor your blog in no time at all!

How can a blogger make money with
Simply sign up for an account and submit your blogs. The price for a text link is determined using three criteria:
1. link popularity
2. estimated readership (Alexa)
3. estimated RSS subscribers
You will receive 50% of the price of the link.

How will I know when an advertiser has purchased a link using Blogrolled?
You will receive an email informing you of a purchase. You have the choice of accepting or rejecting the offer. When you accept an offer, you have three business days to post the link. The link and anchor text will be given to you.

How and when does Blogrolled pay?
Payments are processed through paypal. Payments are made on the first business day of the month. Blogrolled is legit...I've received my first payment.

There you go, one more way to make money online to pay off your debt.

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Anonymous said...

yea it is a pain finding a blog relevant to your category and its even more painful trying to get a link worthwhile, where u can use a keyword. so many filters out there :/

Anonymous said...

Nice post this link is very work full on busy person and and great st regal.