Thursday, December 13, 2007 Get Paid for Links, Posts and More!

Linkworth is a site that brings advertisers and webmasters/bloggers together. They offer services similar to and in one marketplace. I signed up and sold 3 links in 24 hours which totaled $120.00. When you find a site like this, it helps to sign up ASAP. The heavy hitters tend to get most of the action, so the sooner you sign up....the better chance you have to sell a link or post.

How does work?
1. You register with the site.
2. You submit your blog or site.
3. You enter the type of ads you are selling.
4. Once you are approved, your link will go live in their advertiser's directory.

What services are available to advertisers using Linkworth?
1. You can sell text links.
2. You can choose to sell rotating link ads.
3. You can have in text contextual ads on your site similar to Kontera and Adbrite in text links.
4. You can sell billboard ads on your blog's/site's VRE.
5. You can sell reviews.
6. My personal favorite is the linkpack. This is when you sell links on multiple sites for a package price. I just finished filling out the forms to take advantage of this opportunity. With a network of 24 blogs, sites and Squidoo lenses, this is a great way to make quick money and be able to blog about what I want.
7. Be sure to choose what type of partner you want to be! You can either be a basic which gets a 70/30 split or be a preferred with a 50/50 split. The difference between the two is that preferred partners get first consideration of ads by the LinkWorth staff. As a preferred partner, your listing in the directory is displayed in a different manner to make your site stand out. Another benefit is that you get a 15% discount on all featured upgrades.

Did I upgrade to a preferred partner?
I didn't upgrade to a preferred partner, but managed to sell three links anyway. I believe the reason for this is the topic of this blog and the page rank. Since then, I've added several other blogs and sites and haven't had any luck with them yet.

How does LinkWorth pay bloggers?
1. It's important that you know they pro rate their payments. This means that if an advertiser pays for a link during the middle of the month and your share is $20.00, you will receive $10.00 for the remainder of the month not the full amount.
2. Payments are made on the 10th of the following month. I chose to have my payments made through paypal. You must reach the payout amount of $25.00 to receive payment with this method.
3. Direct deposit is also an option for those with US bank accounts, but you must have a payout amount of $100.00.
4. You can also receive a check. The minimum payout is $100.00.
5. Bank to bank wires are available for those outside the US for a $20.00 fee. The minimum payout is also $100.00.

Is LinkWorth legit or a scam?
This month I received my first payment and have reached the payout for next month. This is definitely a legitimate site and I look forward to working with them for a long time. I have created a linkpack of 22 sites for a great price. There will only be 10 links available for sale on each of the blogs. If I manage to sell all of these ads, it will pay for my monthly expenses. (You know how it is with my life, he's backed up on the child support ........ again. Google's e-war has greatly impacted my ability to generate income, but it's not over. Their actions may have destroyed Christmas gifts, but we're still grateful for the important things like: health, food and shelter.)

Good luck with LinkWorth. If you have a question, leave it in the comments. Don't forget to subscribe to the comments, so you'll get an email when I answer it.

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