Friday, December 14, 2007

10 Free Sites That Can Increase Your Traffic

There are many ways to increase free traffic to your site. Some of them involve traffic exchanges, but not everyone has the time to devote to them. What if I told you there are 10 ways that you can increase your traffic without spending any money and it's automatic once you set it up? Are you interested?

10 Sites That Will Help You Get FREE Traffic
Earn income from multiple sources

This is an excellent way to get a lot of traffic to your site and earn money without actively "working". I became a pro-life member (at a discounted price) immediately.
1. Their setup is a great way to get lots of traffic in a short amount of time. The ratio for a pro life member is 25:1. Everytime any member displays their URL, your ad may be displayed in boxes 2-6. On your URL, it will be the first on the left hand corner.
2. Your clickbank ID is added to the URL at the bottom of the page (clickbank mall). Your page is being advertised even when you're not actively doing it. If someone makes a purchase, you earn a commission.
3. You also earn money from your referrals advertsing purchases.
4. They have a manual traffic exchange.
5. You can email your downline or random members.
6. They have banner advertising as well as text advertising.

This site really covers all the bases!


Click here to get Free Targeted Website Traffic

You can use Instant Buzz to increase your traffic 3 different ways:
1. You can brand your emails with their service.
2. You can place a code on your blog/website.
3. You can download the free toolbar.

This is one of the biggest traffic generators. Be sure to download the toolbar and start earning traffic today! The more people you refer, the more traffic you get. (Your text link ad will appear on other user's toolbars as they surf the net and vice versa).

**If you become a paid member, you earn money through Clickbank!**

I became a paid member of this one. What happened? Someone made some purchases. The next time I checked my Clickbank account I had $90.61 in my account!


Click Here for Free Traffic!

Click Here for your Free Traffic!

This is a great way to have your site seen by many eyes! Every time someone registers, they have to view your site. Every time any of your referral's sign ups register, they also have to view your site. This happens 6 levels down! Visit the site to see the stats.


When you put a link box like this on your site, it will display others links. That gives you credits and your link is then displayed as well. You can customize the link box to match your blog or site. They have a tutorial on the site.


When you put this code on your site, it will display a small window on your reader's entrance to your site. Every time your site is visited, your ad is displayed on someone else's site.


Text links are displayed on your site and your ads on displayed on other member's sites.


This is a great way to gain readers, but remember not to have Google Adsense on your blog. Google will cancel your account if they suspect traffic exchange use. You can use the rent my blog feature for more traffic or have your text link ads displayed on other's sites. You don't have to surf because you get free credits for each new referral. Just put a badge or link on your site!


Simple. Just post your ad.


Register. Download the free software. Get traffic. How? When your computer is idle, an ad will be displayed. After you see 5 ads, someone else will see your ad. Your ad will also be displayed when your referrals' ads are displayed. This creates lots of traffic!


Add the blogrush code to your blog (after acceptance to the program) and you will receive traffic. You receive a portion of the traffic of each of your referrals. The more people you refer, the more traffic you get!

I hope you find this information helpful. May it bring you lots of traffic and revenue!

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