Friday, September 07, 2007

Get a $25.00 Bonus from Bank of America

Last month, I opened a new account with Bank of America. There were several reasons I wanted to do this. The first reason is because of their Keep The Change program.

What is Bank of America's Keep The Change Program?
It is a program that helps you save money by automatically rounding your debit purchases to a dollar. Your change is deposited into your savings account. They are giving new customers a 100% match for the first three months of their Keep The Change Savings. What does that mean for you? If you have $30.00 a month in change transferred to your savings, they give you a $30.00 bonus.

What are the benefits of a Bank of America account?
1. If you open an Bank of America MyAccess Checking account online, you get free checking, free bill pay and you're required to have direct deposit!
2. They offer online banking and mobile banking-for those of you that surf the net with your cellphone.
3. There is no minimum balance required either.
4. They have a sign in system that implements a site key for added security.

How can you get a $25.00 bonus for opening a Bank of America personal checking account?
Send me an email if you're interested. Unfortunately, they don't give out the referral link. That means I have to put your email in their system, so that you get the $25.00 bonus. (I also get a $25.00 bonus for referring you.) You can earn up to $25 more when you add any Bank of America savings account. Your account must stay open for a minimum of 90 days. The bonus is direct deposited into your account.

Student Bank of America Bonus
Students can also open a new student checking account with a minimum of $25.00 and be available for the bonus. If you open a savings and are approved for their credit card, your bonus can be up to $50.00.

Business Accounts

Businesses are elgible for $50.00 bonuses with qualifying new accounts.

Best of all, you can refer your friends, family and readers for unlimited $25.00 bonuses. The site even has an application you can download and provide your friends and family, for those that are not computer savvy.

In my opinion, Bank of America's referral program beats ING's program for two reasons:
1. Bank of America's personal checking account requires a $25.00 minimum deposit to open the account, but no mimimum balance to keep it open. (ING requires a $250.00 deposit.)
2. Bank of America's bonuses are unlimited (until January 1, 2008). ING only allows a certain amount of referrals.

If you send me your email and open an account, I will not have access to your identity or information. Read the Bank of America site for more information on their privacy policy and their new accounts.


Anonymous said...

Do they require direct deposit for the bonus? If so, I'm out, but if not...I'm in :)

supermom_in_ny said...

Hello Kimmie!

According to the Bank of America site, you can only get a totally FREE checking account if you open it online. That's how I did it. I don't have direct deposit, a required minimum balance or any fees charged.

I couldn't pass up the great deal! The Keep the Change program is the greatest...


Anonymous said...

I've caught this a bit late. Did this scheme end in Jan or can I still apply? $25 isn't too much to ask to open a bank account - especially with those benefits!