Thursday, September 27, 2007

ClixSense: Is it legit or a scam?

ClixSense or is a site that will pay you to view ads. Many people disregard sites like this because they don't see the potential. I've been asked if this site is a scam or if they are legitimate and pay. I've been paid by ClixSense. They are legit and I'm pretty happy with them. There is only one thing that I think can be improved upon. They charge a $3.00 fee to receive your payout. Personally, I believe $3.00 is a lot to lose when you are viewing ads that pay between one to three cents. I think the administrators should consider using paypal. I'm sure it would be more cost efficient, not to mention the time it would save!

How can you reach the ClixSense payout faster?
The minimum payout is $10.00. It can be reached quickly with the aid of three options ClixSense offers.
1. You get .10 for each referral as a bonus.
2. If you upgrade your account to premium membership, you are able to view over 535 ads that aren't available to the basic members.
3. You receive $5.00 for each referral that upgrades to premium member. If two members upgrade, you reach the payout.

How can you get referrals for ClixSense?
1. Use traffic exchanges. The site Get Traffic will explain how to use exchanges to gain referrals.
2. Use ptrs.
3. Advertise on other similar sites such as The advertising fees are inexpensive.
4. Put your referral link on the signature of your email.
5. Put your referral link on the signature of the forums your visit often.
6. Put your referral link on your blog, myspace, or site.
7. Use sites like to gain referrals.

It is possible to earn monthly checks with programs like ClixSense, Hits4Pay, and similar sites. The easiest way to do this is to focus on one program at a time, especially if you are new to making money online. I have many referrals and receive monthly checks from these programs and others. It's the easiest way to turn change into monthly checks!

One more thing to think about:
You can always use the money from prgrams like ClixSense to advertise other more profitable opportunities. You can use your funds to advertise on the sites or receive the payouts and advertise your blog/site on Google which reaches a wider audience. Hope you found this informatin useful!

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Anonymous said...

is it legitimate?did you received the payment?

paidreader said...

I have been paid by ClixSense many times in the one year that I've been a member. If you'd like to see my payout proofs, I hope you'll check out my writeup about this program after being a member for one year.

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Clixsense-fan said...

Nice post! Clixsense is indeed a very good program for those who want to make some extra cash. I was paid many time by it and I'm sure that everyone can make nice money with this site.

Adil said...
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Adil said...

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