Thursday, September 06, 2007

Clay Nelson's Life Balance CD: A Review

If there is a tool that can teach me, edify me or simplify my life, I try to get my hands on it. Thanks to a special site, I was able to get a copy of Clay Nelson's Life Balance. Clay Nelson is a business and life coach. He has a radio show that airs every Wednesday at 2:00 PM Pacific time. His company's mission statment targets what every person wants.

What does every person want out of life?
Everyone wants to balance three key elements of life.
1. Their mission statement says they are committed to putting fun in your life.
2. They want to help you balance your family time.
3. They want you to achieve financial freedom in your personal and family life.

The Getting Started Series: Having a Say in How Your Life Turns Out
This CD is a three disc set. The first disc helps you create your purpose. After listening to his CD, I realized why people are always chasing the next big achievement (an expensive car, a promotion, a spouse), while being evaded by true happiness and fulfillment.

The second disc covers an important topic that I've blogged about often. The disc is a guide to help fear serve you. Many people never succeed because they never try. Why don't they try? They let fear cripple them. He gives several tools to help you overcome your fears. Obviously, I can't elaborate here. I'd be given away his information!

The third disc is about commitment. This is a very important aspect to any goals. How could you achieve your goals if you're not committed to the plan? All of the three goals of the mission statement can be achieved, just by the simple step act of being committed. Don't know how that can be done? Well, you have to listen to the tapes!

I want to add that I've read many self help books by well known authors. I've learned many things from each one. Clay Nelson's CDs reminded me of one very important promise I had made to myself back when I had my first child. It is a simple idea, that for many reasons is hard to implement. The easiest thing that you can do to impact anyone's life is to live in the present.

What does living in the present mean?
It means that when you are at work at a meeting, you are to particpate body, mind and soul. In the same manner, when you are at home and your 3 year old duaghter asks you to sit down for a tea experience the tea party. You sit down, make small talk, follow her instructions and create a memory. Take in the whole moment. Remember the sweet sound of her voice, the way her curls touch her cheek, the way she is giddy when she says your name, the scent of the room.

After listening to these tapes, I have tried to live in the present with my children. I've put them to bed and watched them drift off to sleep. I've listened to my teens tell me about the latest spoof and stopped working to devote my full attention to them. All the while, recording the twinkle in their eye and the hearty careless laughter of youth.

I'd like to say one thing to Clay Nelson. Thank you for reminding me that tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

**Learn more about Clay Nelson and visit the link above to his site where you can download a FREE EBOOK! (You know I wouldn't forget to mention a FREEBIE!)**

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