Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Owe Over $2500 in Child Support? Getting A Passport Will Cost You!

All I have to say is: "IT'S ABOUT TIME!" I'm tired of watching women struggle while their ex-husbands or children's father goes off on Caribbean vacations. I know what you're thinking, I'll answer your question. Yes, my ex-husband didn't pay child support for over a year, but he went on several vacations with his mistresses. While I had to hide my pregnancy to be able to get hired for a job, he was gallavanting on vacation. All the while, not paying child support. My sister hasn't seen a penny from her ex-husband either. He's also gone on several vacations with his various girlfriends. My sister works two jobs to pay for the meds, therapists and various after shcool programs the kids attend. Expenses incuured, so that she can work. Thank God, this will not happen to other custodial parents anymore!

Taking away a driver's license from a non custodial parent is not even a slap on the wrist. When someone lives in a metropolitan area like NYC, mass transit is available. In my case, my ex-husband drove with an expired license for years. The only way you get caught is when you break a traffic law. Even then, that's only when the cop decides to run your license. He's been so lucky. How do I know? The kids told me. What happened when I told the judge he was taking our kids on visitation, driving with a revoked driver's license.

The judge's exact words:
"Oh Mr. X. You're going to fix that driver's license right?"

He never did.... That is until he got arrested the day after Christmas last year. It only took 8 years. Yup, and the other woman that had back child support due...walked out with over $7000.00. I was his wife and have 4 of his kids that were born before hers...we got nothing. You know what they say, "Life isn't fair." It isn't, but I will survive. I believe what comes around goes around, even if it takes forever!

So, for all custodial parents struggling out there, there is good news! Passport laws now force non custodial parents to pay any child support that is over $2500.00 in arrears. These people don't pay child support for years, but when forced with shelling up $100,000. to get a magically appears! Hhhmmm, it only took them decades to figure out, these people don't care about their kids, licenses or damaged credit report. But stop them from going on vacation or a business trip. Wow, thousands of dollars become trivial!

Geez, my ex owes me over $18,000. in arrears. It's too bad he's not going on vacation to the islands anytime soon. I'd be debt free with that one transaction. Well, a girl can dream...

Read more about all the thousands that were paid out. You just won't believe it!

Start hoping your ex that owes child support gets the travel bug. Hey, even hope he's sent on an unscheduled business trip requiring a passport. It may mean you get thousands in child support they owe you!


miss_moneymaker said...

Tell me about it, I wish my ex was going on vacation. He owes me over $30 grand and has never paid a cent since the day he left. He ran away to hide in another state and so far thats worked for him. If he was in the same state he knows he'd have to pay or go to jail.
I'm disabled now and my income is what I make online and I've had a rough few months and I'm about to lose my internet connection then I won't have any income, and hes all happy in another state living great while I struggle to support "our" kids.

Good luck to you too. I don't know how you do it with 7 kids. I'm in NJ and everything here is so expensive. I just can't get ahead.

Rosa Hayes said...

Amen sister. I have one of those exes who prefers to buy a new motorcycle while not paying child support since my oldest daughter was 1, did I mention that she is 8 now? It will be nice when it catches up to him and bites him in the rear. For some reason he thinks that my husband should take on full responsibility for his kids. Although my husband has, I don't feel that their bio father should be let off the hook.