Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Make Money on the Internet: Update for May and June

make money online proof of payments What is the point of all of making money on the internet? Multiple Streams of Income. Since I didn't post the update for last month, I decided to give totals for both. I'll try to specify the time frame for each site. Remember, you can follow the link to learn how to maximize your earnings.

AssociatedContent: I earned $99.00.
At this point, I'm earning money strictly from referrals. I haven't submitted any content for some time. It's a great way to get paid for content, but I usually use paid blogging for that. Why? I earn a flat fee for the review and passive income from Google Adsense. ** I read that AssociatedContent closed the accounts of many people, some of whom contributed 100's of pages of content with no warning. When asked why, they stated the TOS were violated. I sought answers from some of these people and shortly after, AssociatedContent closed my account too. I advise you to not submit content there. They are keeping the content and reaping the rewards of the hard workers. It is not right, but they have gotten away with it. **
FusionCash: I earned $214.20.
Since at least $15 of your balance must come from completed offers when cashing out, I wait for two months. That cuts down on the amount of offers I have to complete.
TextLink:Ads: I earned $79.42.
Most of the money earned is from referrals. I've had a few advertisers purchase some text links. Note to advertisers: Thank you very much!
ReviewMe: I earned $75.00.
I received one review request. Note to Advertisers: Thanks for the opportunity!
SponsoredReviews: I earned $27.65.
I was finally approved for two reviews.
PayU2Blog: I earned $85.00.
They send work regularly. Unfortunately, I've been so busy I haven't been able to keep up with the assignments. At one time I had over 60 assignments!
BloggingAds: I earned $15.00.
I copied and pasted the opps. It was easier and quicker that way.
Hits4Pay: I earned $52.29.
The last time I checked, I had close to 700 referrals including my 2nd level. Unfortunately, there have been few ads. If it picks up, I will definitely receive a nice check.
TAD: I earned $20.00.
I was one of the top referrers and I was awarded with a $20.00 cash prize. TargetAdsDepot is a great FREE way to create an email list. You can also email their master list (there are certain rules). Follow the link and read more.
CashCrate: I earned $128.53.
This money comes strictly from referrals. This total is for two months.
TreasureTrooper: I earned $88.20
This is also earned from referrals. This total is for two months.
MyLot: I earned $14.00.
This was earned with the help of my referrals. I did post a little, but not much.
ClixSense: I earned $21.61 (after fees).
I was able to receive a check quickly because a few of my referrals upgraded.
Squidoo: I earned $13.70.
I have to admit that I thought I would receive more money due to the advertising dollars they are now receiving. Hey, I can't complain because it is passive income.
ClickBank: I earned $45.73.
Someone purchased an ebook I reviewed. I purchased the ebook and earned $300.00 in less than a week. Oh and that was after reading the first couple of pages! Wait until I finish reading the whole thing.
OutSide Advertisers: I earned $375.00.
I've received email directly from companies for advertising. Fortunately, I've been paid by them all by paypal without a problem.

These are just a few of the payments I received. I also earn money through Google Adsense, Kontera, Adbrite and many other programs you can find reviewed on this blog. Why do I share these figures? I get a lot of email asking me for these details. Furthermore, this information will help you know which programs really pay.

You can leave me questions or comments. Let me know if you want them answered here or by email. Be sure to leave me a way to communicate with you, like your URL or email address.


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That is AMAZING! I'm trying to talk dh into working some of the online stuff available - I'm going to show him this post so he can see that people can make SERIOUS money on the internet! :)

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Inspiring as always! Thanks for sharing!

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