Monday, July 30, 2007

Get Effective Financial Consolidation Reporting with Prophix can provide financial consolidation software that helps effectively manage multiple consolidation scenarios. Their software is ideal for businesses that consolidate reporting based on different criteria such as:
geographic location
product line
multiple structure versions (such as last year's results vs. this year's)

How can Prophix assure accurate reporting?
A company's data needs to be 100% accurate. Their software gives a business the ability to administer user access as well as monitor audit logs. With this system in place, one can be assured of reliable data reporting.

How can Prophix help a company be efficient with their workload and time management?
Need to reduce the amonut of time and work it takes your departments to produce accurate reporting? Prophix uses Extract Transfrm Load or ETL to quickly process multiple data sources into a usable format.

Visit and speak to a customer service representative about the ways they can help your business grow.

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