Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Monetize Your Blog With The NewsRoom

The News Room is an excellent way to share great content with your readers and monetize your blog. When I read about The NewsRoom, I decided to test it on a different blog I'm keeping. The blog is a celebrity gossip blog. The NewsRoom is a perfect fit for all types of blogs. They have political news stories, celebrity gossip, financial news and international affairs.

How can I monetize my blog with The NewsRoom?
The NewsRoom provides hundreds of licensed news stories from many sources including Reuters, The Associated Press and Agence France-Press. Whether you are blogging about a political news story, celebrity gossip or personal finance-you can find a related story. Once you choose an appropriate story, you "mash" the story onto your blog/site. What is "mashing"? It is the process of copying and pasting the code that appears as a widget on your site. As your readers view the story, you earn money.

What other ways are there to earn money with The NewsRoom?
The content is "mashable". What does this mean? Readers can take the news clip from your site and put it on theirs. When the content is viewed on their site, you earn revenue too! They have video feeds, video stories, text and images.

How much do I earn?
Each time news content mashed from TheNewsRoom is viewed on your site, you'll earn a guaranteed CPM (cost per thousand impressions). You'll also earn money when someone mashes content from your site and it is viewed on theirs.

You earn $4.00 CPM on video feeds viewed on your site and $1.00 CPM on content "mashed" by your readers. You earn $3.00 CPM on video stories viewed on your site and $.50 CPM for mashed content on your readers' sites.

How do I get paid?
Currently, payments are made by check once you reach the $50.00 minimum payout. They plan to use paypal in the future.

This is a great way to provide fresh content and make some revenue too. Sign up and start making money today!

Click on the widget and see how it works. This story is unbelievable. Someone places a 911 call because a woman is dying in a hospital while the medical staff do nothing to help?!?

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