Friday, June 22, 2007

Monetize Your Blog With Kontera!

I've been reading about Kontera for some time now. I didn't sign up because I didn't think I would be accepted into the program. Well, the Law of Attraction kicked in!

As I often say, I receive lots of email. I received an email from a Kontera representative in the beginning of June and I didn't even see it. This week I was going through my Squidoo lens email to answer them on this blog. That's when I found the email. It came at the perfect time. They asked me to sign up to start running some ads on my site. What?! I was ecstatic and ready to put the code on. Unfortuantely, I had a lot of running around to do. Today, I put the code on the blog. This is the funny part. The site sets you have to give the code at least a week to start serving up relevant ads. When I put the code up, the correct ads came up immediately! Lucky me.

So, when you see the double underlined words, you will know it is an ad. I'm hoping that Kontera will replace the income I lost when I took off the Adsense. Adsense was paying for my minivan payment every other month!

What is Kontera?
Kontera is an easy way to monetize your blog. Aftr being accepted into their program, you place a special code they supply on your blog/site.

What does Kontera do?
Kontera serves contextually relevant ads on your site. They appear as a double line under specific keywords purchased by the advertisers. When a reader clicks the underlined word, you earn revenue.

How does Kontera pay?
Once you reach $100.00, you will will receive a check in US Dollars.

When will they pay?
Kontera pays within 30 days after the end of each calendar month that ContentLink ads are running on your site (if your earned balance is US $100 or more).

Good luck!

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