Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Attention Gamers of All Ages!

Are you a gamer? Are you the mother of a young gamer? If you are, will help with price the tag affiliated with gaming. Beg<>Borrow is a site for those of you that love gaming, but don't love the cost attached to the hobby!

Video games are an expensive hobby. My children own every system except for the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo DS. Out of all those gaming systems, I was lucky enough to have paid for only three systems (the rest were gifts from their father and family members). The systems I bought were the PlayStation, Game Cube and the XBOX. Yes, I paid full price when they first came out...OUCH! Most of you know, you can't just get the console. Nope. You have to pay for extra controllers, attachments and game accessories. In the case of the XBOX, you even had to pay extra for the remote control to use the DVD feature! The cost doesn't finish there. You need to buy or rent games to use the consoles..DUH. That's when the cost really starts running up!

Beg<>Borrow can help you fray the cost of gaming. How? You can trade your games there. I know what you're thinking, "I can trade my video in at BlockBuster, EBGames or FYE?!?!" My kids have done that and I don't think it's fair to get $2.00-$5.00 credit for a $50.00 game...especially when they are going to resell it for a huge profit. This is a better solution for you and your pocket. Beg<>Borrow allows it's members to put a list of the video games they want to exchange along with a wish list of games they would like!

Here's an excerpt from the site which explains it all.

At Beg<>Borrow, you input your inventory of games that you are willing to trade, along with a Wish List of games that you want to get back. You are able to prioritize your Wish List, along with your inventory - with a rating system of A to Z. Beg<>Borrow does the rest. We will search our member inventories and Wish Lists - and if we find a match - we tell you about it. If you agree to the match, a trade occurs! Pretty easy.

Titles from your "A" Inventory list will only be traded for items from your "A" Wish List - which ensures a QUALITY TRADE between you and your trading partner.

It's a win-win. I think it may even work better than ebay. Especially for young adults that are only interested in the gaming aspect and don't want to deal with ebay's hassles.

Visit the site and check it out. It will help you be a frugal gamer! (Well, as frugal as a gamer can be...)

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