Friday, April 27, 2007

PayU2Blog: Great For Debt Reduction!

Do you want to get paid to blog? PayU2Blog is a fairly new site that will pay you to write an entry in your blog with a link to an advertiser's site. Opportunities like this are great for those of you that are looking for easy ways to make money on the internet to get out of debt!

How can you join PayU2Blog?
Visit their site and submit your blog(s). They will notify you of your acceptance or rejection, by email within 72 hours.

What is required?
1. Obviously, you need a blog.
2. Your posts must have a minimum of 60 words.
3. They don't want negative postings.
4. You must have a paypal account.
5. You can submit as many blogs as you want.

How do you get paid?
1. You get paid every two weeks.
2. You will receive payment through paypal.
3. You will receive $5.00 for each post.

Here are a few questions, I'm sure many of you will ask me.

How much money did you make?
Remember, I have multiple blogs. After I finish my current assignements, the total will be $200.00.

Did you like the company?
Yes, they respond to email very quickly. This is always a good sign.

What were you asked to blog about?
Everything. I wrote entries about vacation rental homes, real estate website reviews, sunglasses and more!

If you need or want to earn some quick money ASAP, sign up. You should receive an assignment as soon as your blog is accepted. Now go submit your sites!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the link! I've been investigating alternative ways to make money blogging.

The Blogger is .. said...

I’d been with payu2blog since 2006 and through blogspot I created more than 15 blogger account. I made thousands from them and lately they wanted me to reinvent my sites and possibly have a self-hosted one. I did it and they liked it. My assignments are soaring and I do it on time. If you are late in completing your assignments, then they will discontinue your account to give way to other bloggers who are more serious in completing their blogs on time.

Please visit my blogs at:

Lisa said...

I think I am going to give it a try!

Thanks for the info!