Monday, April 16, 2007

Hits4Pay: How to Turn 2 Cents into $45.00!

When I first came across Hits4Pay, I wasn't impressed. I didn't see the opportunity to earn residual income.

Hits4Pay pays you to read email. They only send Hits4Paya few a day. The email is usually about internet income generating programs, services and products. I had come across the banner on several sites and never joined. Then one day, I figured it wouldn't take long to reach the minimum payout because they give you a $10.00 sign up bonus. I decided to test it out. Sometimes you come across opportunities and you pass because you really don't see the whole picture. Had I known then, what I know now...I would have joined immediately.

It's been several months since I joined. I now have about 250 referrals. Last month, my Hits4Pay total was $46.71. Now, every referral is not active and I don't have the time to check the email everyday. (That means that I could have earned even more).
How are payments processed?
You must have $25.00 in order for you to get paid.

When your account balance reaches $25 or more, it's 'Cleared' or 'Zeroed-Out' to cut your check. Account's are 'Zeroed-Out' from your statistics on the 1st of every month and the checks are mailed to you on or before the 15th of the month

How can you duplicate my efforts to increase your Hits4Pay referrals?
1. You can use traffic exchanges to get referrals. I created a lens that has many excellent traffic exchanges you can use. Here's the link How to Get Traffic to Your Blog or Site!
2. Another option is to use ptrs (paid to read sites). I've gained many referrals this way. The best part is that, many ptrs are currently running promotions to increase membership. They are giving new members free upgrades (free advertising) on their sites! Here is a list of the latest PTR FREE UPGRADES!
3. If you have a blog, you can tell your readers about it.
4. If you're a member of a forum, you can add your referral link to your signature.

There are other sites like Hits4Pay. Here are just a few:

Hits4Pay also owns Deals-n-Cash:

The email is worth .02 -.05 each. You also earn money for every email your referrals read. is a similar site except they offer many email ads. They often have between 25-50 ads. You earn .01 for each email and for all your referrals' actions. It doesn't seem like a lot, but look at the example they give:
Earnings Example
You click 25 ads per day = $0.25!
10 referrals click 25 ads per day = $2.50!
Your weekly earnings = $19.25!
Your monthly earnings = $77.00!

This example is possible. Remember, I have over 250 referrals. The difference is that Hits4pay sends a small amount of email. That's why I earn less there.
What about the payout?
Once you reach the $5.00 payout, you can request payment by paypal.

ClixSense is a little different. They offer email ads that are worth more money, if you upgrade your account. Why? Advertisers will pay more to viewers that prove they have purchasing power. You don't have to upgrade, but you will make more money if you do. It costs $10.00 to upgrade and it lasts for a year.
Here's how the payout works:
Payments are disbursed by check and mailed to the postal address on your profile on or before the 10th day of each month for earnings of the prior month provided that your account balance has reached the minimum payout level of $10 (you may select a higher minimum payout if desired). If your account balance is less than $10 (or the minimum payout you selected), earnings will carry forward until such month as you have met the minimum check requirement.

Once I get a nice amount of referrals for the three programs above, I will be able to earn a monthly payout that will cover my internet, phone and cable bill. Think about it. If I get at least $45.00 from each, I will earn $180.00 from these 4 companies. Not bad for opening a few emails....

This post was an answer to a question posed by several readers. I hope you find this information useful and that it helps you Make Money Online!


harleyrdr said...

Hi, I will have to check out these sites. I was wondering if you are still with 500cents 500dollars? I signed up through your link and have passed the minimum ammount to request pay out. They said it would take about 30 days to get paid. Have you requested pay out and if so have they paid you? I am trying to find out if they really will pay or not or am I just wasting time?

Georgie B said...

Hello, I signed up with hits4pay from your banner ad; great-how come I have had only one invitation to read mail for cents? Do you only make real money by referrals for others to join? Being South African based seems to be problem with most of these programs, if I'm doing something wrong any help will be welcome. All the best.

BeeTin said...

I like your blog. It is so informative and I've just signed up for Hits4pay and looking forward to read the ads.

pkristie7 said...

This is a wonderful blog. If I wasn't already a member of these sites I would definately join. Have you tried It is just as good as these sites. Please check out my blog.

Nicraz said...

Thank you! I have been using hits4pay too but I'm having a hard time reaching the minimum payout of $25.00. There is another website called youdata I just got a payment from them through paypal it was only $0.69 (1 week worth of ads) but I don't really have any referrals yet. If anybody would like to try it go here: