Thursday, March 01, 2007

Why I'm Happy Squidoo Started Accepting Advertisements

Squidoo is one of my favorite sites. What is Squidoo? Squidoo is a site that provides a great way to organize information. It has modules that you can use to create your own page about whatever topic you want. I have 7 Squidoo lenses. My first Squidoo lens has been on the top 100 for 178 days straight. It's highest rank was at #2. It's currently on the first page of Google's search for Make Money Online. There are times the lens is above Darren Rowse's blog:! Why is this beneficial to my blogging exploits? The Squidoo lens Make Money Online has links to this blog. It brings me lots of traffic on a regular basis. Here is a list of a few of my Squidoo lenses that might interest you:
Make Money Online
How to Get Traffic to Your Blog or Site
Affiliate Marketing 101
How to Monetize Your Blog

Squidoo has many different modules that one can use to monetize a page. It has amazon modules, cafepress, ebay, netflix, superstore, itunes, and more! Each page has three Google Adsense banners. Every month, a portion of the Google Adsense revenue is distributed among the lensmasters. Being one of the top lensmasters, I can tell's not much. My total earnings from Squidoo are about $5.00. Now the money I earn from the sites on my lens are a different story. They contribute to my monthly income. There are lensmasters that earn $500.00 a month from Squidoo through the use of the modules. One lensmaster earns that much due to the revenue from movie downloads. Another top lensmaster earns a full time income. Not too long ago, I communicated with her at a forum. She created an ebook on how to tap into Squidoo's potential. Here's the link for the book Social Networking On Squidoo by Tiffany Dow. She figured out how to make the big bucks and wrote a step by step guide. Another lensmaster named Kate has a lens about fashionable laptop bags. Lenses with monetized modules earn a commission from all sales. I only have one monetized module on my lens and it's ebay. I chose to have books about mutliple income streams displayed.

So how do I make money off Squidoo, if I don't use the monetized modules? I earn money from referral fees.
Here are some of the totals:
In January, the breakdown of some of my referral fees were as follows:
Associated Content $ 93.00
FusionCash $100.00
PayPerPost $150.00
Blogitive $200.00
Text Link Ads $ 25.00

There were also affiliate earnings from networks like clixgalore, commission junction and shareasale. I also made money from Helium (see the button to the left), MyLot, TreasureTrooper, CashCrate, Hits4Pay and others.

Why am I excited about the new advertising Seth Godin's experimenting with? The site states that the revenue will be distributed among the lensmasters. That means March should bring another income stream for me and the kids. (When you have so many kids, every penny counts!)

If you are looking to advertise, this may be a good deal for you. The ads have a link, a thumbnail picture and a short description of the site. There are 100 slots for each category. The top five are displayed in a banner found on every lens in the category you choose. How do you get to the top? The ads are voted on. Anyone can vote. You can send your freinds, family coworkers or blog readers to vote for you. It's very affordable. Since it's in beta, they are charging $25.00 a week, with a four week minimum. Guess who's at the top right now. Guy Kawasaki.

Most of my lenses are about ways to earn money online. My daughter "The Diva" (pictured here with Nick Jonas) made a lens about her favorite band The Jonas Brothers. I'm currently creating a Squidoo lens about austism. Actually, it's about PDD-Nos which is what my youngest child "The Little One" (pictured here with "The Entrepreneur" was diagnosed with. Since I was an early intervention coordinator (and a parent that went through the process), I thought I could help someone out there. My son's autism was the reason why I started blogging in the first place. Now I earn a living from it.

Isn't it funny how life works?

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