Saturday, March 03, 2007

Paid to Read Sites: Free Traffic and Advertising!

When I started surfing the net and researching income opportunities, I quickly learned that paid to read sites were frowned upon. Just as quickly as I learned that lesson, I realized why. "Paid to Read" sites are an easy way to earn some cash or change, depending on the site. While some sites pay you two to five cents to view an ad, others pay 1/10 of a penny. At 1/10 of a penny, you're looking at a lot of clicking. That's why some people overlook ptrs as a great way to earn some money (at the better paying sites) or gain exposure (through free advertising).

I am a part of a few paid to read sites that I enjoy. Hits4Pay is one that sends 1-3 emails per day. I have about 126 referrals. I earn a penny for every email they open. What does this translate into? A monthly check between $35.00 and $37.00. It's easy money.

Recently I realized that many paid to read sites offer incentives to increase their memberships. What is the incentive? An upgraded membership. So what, you're thinking? Most upgraded memberships include free banner impressions, free referrals, free emails to existing members and other forms of advertisements. Still don't understand what the big deal is? It's free advertising.

What can you do with this free advertising?
Let's say that you belong to a traffic exchange. You can join the ptr, get your free upgrade and use your free banner impressions to advertise the traffic exchange. This is an easy way to gain referrals.

What if I'm not involved with any income generating programs?
It's also a great way to gain traffic for your blog. You can create a banner and add your blog URL to the paid text link.

I'm involved with many traffic exchanges, income opportunties and internet marketing programs. This is a free and easy way to generate traffic and referrals. People that use these ptrs are looking for easy ways to earn money. They are a captive audience!

Here are a few of the sites I've joined this week that are offering free upgraded memberships. Be sure to see what method they require to obtain your free upgraded membership. Some of the sites require you to send an email to the webmaster.

Join the site ASAP. As soon as they reach their targeted membership increase, they will discontinue the upgraded memberhsip.

*** Updated: February 10, 2010 ***
These are the paid to read sites that have paid me by paypal. You can also exchange your earnings to advertise your income opportunties. (I've also listed the paid to read site I purchased in 2009: Paid2Earn!) No Minimum Payout

*** I'm currently updating the ptr sites below. Some of them no longer exist. ***


You might want to bookmark this site on your favorites, technorati, delicious, stumpleupon or other tagging site. I'll be adding more sites to this entry on a regular basis and taking off the ones that are no longer offering the free upgrades!

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These sites are offering free upgrades.

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