Saturday, February 03, 2007

ClickBank, PayPal Payments and Weight Loss!

ClickBank: A New Income Opportunity!My schedule has not allowed me to blog as much as usual. In order to still earn money while I'm not actually "blogging", I joined some traffic exchanges and tested some online opportunities. What happened? Well, I joined a traffic exchange and entered my ClickBank ID. I forgot about it. I joined another advertising venture and they mentioned how you can earn money through your ClickBank ID. Your ID is added to the products that are being advertised and you earn a commission, even when you are not actively doing anything. (It's a form of viral marketing.) They stated that you should check your ClickBank ID for commissions. I thought, "That would be nice, but what are the chances?" Remembering I had recently joined a site like this, I checked my ClickBank account. Guess what? I had $96.01 in commissions! I didn't actively do anything for this commission. I was SHOCKED and pretty happy.

PayPal Payments: More Good News!
That's not the only good news! I was writing an entry on and checked my account to find a $6.00 commission.
I should receive $60.00 in referral fees from AssociatedContent!
I earned enough from Google this month to cover my entire car payment!
I am receiving checks regularly from TreasureTrooper, Hits4Pay, and CashCrate.
I receive regular paypal payments from, Mylot, Blogsvertise, PayPerPost and others!
ReviewMe has increased my review fee to $100.00 a review! I'm very happy about that. I think that $50.00 for a post is incredible. Especially when I also earn residual income from Google Adsense.

If anyone is interested in more information regarding the above sites visit:

(There you will find tutorials for the sites above as well as techniques to increase your earnings).

Oh and there is the regular Blogitive paypal payment which is incredible. I'm waiting for my W2 for the amount. I will share it with you when I get it. As you can imagine, my paypal account is pages and pages long. I can't go through 12 months of pages to figure it out. I'm waiting for the W2's and I'll give you the figures.

Weight Loss: On Another Note
Not too long ago, I wrote about how I was going to take a break from blogging to lose weight. I have lost weight, but it's not because of diet and exercise. I'm now down to a size 6. Why? I've been very busy with the kids, dentist appointments and so on. What do I attribute the weight loss to? I realized I have been drinking an average of 24 cups of coffee-a day. Not good. I don't advise anyone to join in the insanity. I've been under a lot of stress and that's why I've been asbsetmindedly drinking the coffee. I'm desperately trying to care for the kids, take them to all this appointments and earn enough to pay the bills and pay for their dental work. Definitely will be cutting way back on the caffeine.

Pictures of me and the kids may be at soon. I'll let you know, so you can participate in the contest they will be running. The first one to assemble the puzzle made up of our pictures will win $1000.00!

Enjoy your weekend!

*****Be sure to enter the contest I'm running. It will be over tomorrow!*****


Kailani said...

We could all use a little extra money! Thanks for sharing these great tips with the Carnival of Family Life.

An Island Life

Holly Schwendiman said...

Great tips! It's always fun to see some additional financial resources come into your bank account. ;o)

Holly's Corner
Here via the Carnival of Family Life. ;o)

Jordan McCollum said...

Thanks for sharing these links! I'd just heard of these sites and opportunities; it's great to know that they really work, even just a little.

Have you ever submitted content to Helium, other than Helium Knowledge?

via the Carnival of Family Life

Kris said...

Wow, $96 without even knowing it! That's awesome!

Thanks for the ideas - too cool!