Tuesday, January 02, 2007 and PPP

As many of you imagined, I was part of I came across their site last year when I started reading When they created performacing metrics, I was ecstatic. I enjoyed their stats. They were user friendly and conveniently located the most pertinent information on one page for easy access. Data that included the number of google adsense clicks received, inbound and outbound linking and more were all found on one site. I loved it!

Performcing also had a great blog that used to comment on. It was pretty funny. For some strange reason, i was one of the few women that commented there. As a matter of fact, one of the owners made a comment about being shocked about the amount of children that I ahve. (Everyone is always shocked. How many "normal" people have 7 kids!

When I went to the PPP site and saw that they had been acquired by PPP, I was pretty happy. Performancing is a great place for bloggers. They even had a job board for bloggers. Many corporations (seeking bloggers bloggers to post on their corporate blogs) and new blog empire start ups (like Weblogs, Inc.) posted their job openings on their job board. There were always lots of fresh opportunities. I never applied to any of them because I enjoy the flexibility that I get from posting for PPP. Leading such a full and hectic life, it is hard for me to assign specific hours to blog. I never know when I'll get a phone call from one of the schools. School functions, appointments for dentists, pediatricians, orthodontists, opthalmologists and many more keep my calendar full.

The marriage of PPP and will be a great one. I'm looking forward to all the new possibilites that will soon spring up!

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