Sunday, December 10, 2006

Need Your Permalinks

I'm adding a blogger testimonial entry to my Squidoo lens. It will be an entry on this blog. I've come across blogs that have posted a link to this blog or the Squidoo lens MAKE MONEY ONLINE on Squidoo with a write up about their success with the programs I've reviewed. Unfortunately, I never copied and pasted the links for safekeeping. Now I need to know where those entries are and their permalinks.

Let me explain what's going on.
I'm going to create a section on the Squidoo lens MAKE MONEY ONLINE on Squidoo, which is currently ranked #9 of over 50,000 lenses. It will be a blog entry with links to bloggers that have taken my advice and used the programs I have reviewed. For example, if you are one of my referrals at MaviShare, Blogitive or sold your cell phone to the site I reviewed and wrote a post about it thanking me with a link-please leave a comment here and include the permalink to the entry. I know that many of you have thanked me, I've read the posts. I've tried to reply to them, but sometimes it's been difficult. (Your platform wouldn't let me comment).

How is it going to be done?
What I'm going to do is copy and paste a portion of your entry, with your username and blog. Then I will place a hyperlink to your entry with the title of your entry.

Why am I doing this?
I receive email from everywhere. Many people ask me if these sites really pay. I just figured that since many of you have tried it and know it's for real, I could use your testimonial. You can benefit from some extra traffic and some links. You may even gain some new readers. Just be sure that it states which site you tried, how much you made and which site you found it on (one of my blogs or the Squidoo lens).

I'm also going to start answering email from my blog. Answering all the questions I receive has become overwhelming. It is time consuming. I do want to help you earn money from home, but it makes more sense to answer a question once and leave it here for others to read. I'm sure I'll have to find a way to categorize that in the future!

Don't worry if you don't see your comment right away. I have enabled comment moderation due to spam and a few characters I didn't want to engage with. (As you can read above, I'm a mom of 7. I want to keep this a family friendly site).

I want to write the entry and add it to the Squidoo lens by Tuesday. If you want to write a new entry, you can. Just be sure to write the site you used. If I get enough entries for the different companies, I might just write an entry for each particular site. That would spread the testimonials throughout the lens. I'll see how it goes...

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