Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Saga Continues

Last Wednesday, my friend was here doing some major repairs. We were outside discussing the many repairs that have to be done when she noticed that the front tires on my minivan were so damaged, the metal was visible! The adjuster still hasn't come by to look at the minivan. Since the accident, I realized one of my headlights isn't working. That means, I really shouldn't be out on the road. The headlights, hood and front are dented and broken. Does it make sense to make repairs until the adjuster sees it? Not realy, but this is the only car I have that I can actually drive...well sort of. I drive it, but I really shouldn't. Unfortunately, I can't afford a car rental until the insurance company decides to take action.

On Thursday, I went to the repair shop and it cost me $218.00 to replace 3 tires. I just replaced all four earlier this year and one two months ago. Guess what? I'm back in the hole. I'm backed up on the car payment and the electric bill. Then there was another unexpected expense that has me so livid, I can't even write about it yet without raging! I have to be able to talk about it without clenching my teeth before I can share that one.

To make matters worse, my ex-husband is backed up a month on the child support. I missed the payout request for two companies and I was counting on those big payments. That was due to some last minute running around with the kids, their school functions and church. I refuse to give up. I don't care how hard it gets, I will achieve getting out of debt-no matter what I have to do.

On the bright side, I have found two more "get paid to blog" sites that are going to launch as soon as tomorrow. I also came across a text link advertiser that pays within 24 hours. He has graciously offered me almost the price of the 3 tires...for sponsored links in 9 of my blogs. I'm currently negotiating that with the owner. Once I get paid, I will give all the details (except for the exact amount of payment). You know you must use proper etiquette as to whether or not a business transaction should be divulged!

Anyway, I'm still here sruggling but not defeated. I'm desperately trying to work and read all that I can about ebay. I need to empty out 6 bedrooms of kid's toys, video games, toddler toys, books and more! Any help anyone can give, by directing me to an ebay selling resource, would be greatly appreciated. I'm pretty sure that if I sold off all the extra stuff in my house, I could pay off my minivan!

I'll be posting some more throughout the day. I haven't written any posts for one of my favorite carnivals, so I will be doing so this week.

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