Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Irony of Being a Personal Finance Blogger

This week's Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted at the home of the Carnival. My favorite entry was by The Mighty Bargain Hunter. The post was titled: Are money-saving tips unhelpful to people who really need them? The reason I enjoyed this post is because it rings true for me. I am living at the most frugal level possible. I'm not kidding.

For me, writing a personal finance blog is quite humorous and ironic in many ways. I have come across trolls in the blogoshpere that have said some nasty things. I find it quite funny that I have been criticized for posts that I have been praised for by single moms that are desperately trying to make ends meet. See, it's kind of funny to read a post about personal finance, where the tip is saving a few thousand dollars by firing the help. (You know who you are and I don't mean to offend you.) Unfortunately, that's not where I am. I'm struggling to meet the needs of my family mainly: food, shelter, clothing. My expenses are down to the basics. They include transportation, food and clothing when I can spare the money. Right now, two of my kids need braces, two need galsses and three nedd coats. The credit card bills are something that I try to keep up with. I have a few cards that I couldn't keep up with. That'a a whole other mess I will have to deal with, eventually. Basically, I blog about where I am at today. What are those things?

Online Income
When I started this blog, I made it clear that I was going to find every way that one can make money online. I sign up for the sites, test them out and have even posted evidence of the payments received. Many people have tried them and had great results.

Home Based Businesses
I have two home based businesses and one online business. I have mentioned two before. It is an alternate means to earn money to reduce my debt and meet our needs.

Afiliate Marketing
I have mentioned one in particular several times. It is great when making purchases at a certain store.

Frugality, Coupons and Freebies
Another way to reach debt reduction.

Basically, I can only write about where I am or where I have been. I've been in real economic crisis in the past. Last year, I couldn't even buy gifts for the kids. I simply didn't have the money. Gratefully, I have been blessed with a great family. I can tell you that the email that was sent by this man to MSN money rings true for many. Although today I don't have the money to invest, I read the posts anyway. There will be someday soon, where it will be a possibility. When it is, I want to be as informed as possible.


Paul Sean Fitzgerald said...

Hey Supermom. Love you Blog and I am sure other people do too. I even clicked some adsense to help the cause. I know how tough it can be to work your way out of fincial crisis. I have done it once. I couldn't even imagine trying to do it with 7 kids. I commend you, support you and will be routing for you. I dont know if I missed it or not but one thing I recommend you get on your blog is an opt in box so that people can subscribe to your blog and you can update them with new information. I would be glad to help you with that. I am in NJersey now and my number is 201.484.7652. Feel free to call if you need help. To see an example you can go to my blog at *it is about the dangers of cell phones and wireles technology. You can aslo see what I do at
thanks for your blog,

mbhunter said...

Wow -- such kind words! Thanks for the mention! I'm glad that you enjoyed the post.

I've added your blog to the sidebars on my sites. Keep up the great work on your blog and on your debt reduction!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel about braces, glasses and coats, every autumn it seems to be the same! Braces have almost finished but I shall be buying coats and glasses for a few years to come.

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