Sunday, October 08, 2006

How To Maximize Every Action to Earn or Save Money!

People ask me how I can live on such a small amount of money with so many kids. For me, it's simple. I think creatively. Every dollar I spend, earn or save is maximized. Some of these may be new to you and others may be old news. I hope you find a new useful way of maximizing your dollars.

Shopping for Groceries, Online Purchases and More:
1. Upromise is a great way to earn money from your everyday grocery purchases. You simply register your grocery store cards, credit/debit cards or shop through their site. Retailers add money to your upromise account for your everyday purchases. I registered a few grocery cards in 2003. I just checked my account and I've earned $20.00.
2. If you are making an online purchase and you are a member of sites like FusionCash, InstantProfitz, or ebates, you can earn a percentage of your purchases.
3. By joining a DVD, Book Club or CD club through a site like Useleads, you earn money to buy the things you want. Buy the latest books, CD's and DVD's for FREE or almost FREE. How? You receive a certain amount of products for one low price and they pay you to try the service. It's a win-win situation!
4. If you have a credit card with a rewards program and are disciplined about paying it off every month, you can realy profit! You can earn rewards from your credit card and money from upromise. That's doubling the value of every dollar!
5. If you are a linkshare affiliate, you earn 12% of your online purchases at Walmart. (See right side bar)
6. If you are an ebay shopper, you can try a new phone alert service through one of the sites listed above (#2) and receive up to $20.00. If you aren't an ebay user, you can receive up to $8.00 to open a new account and place a bid.
7. You can sign up for an offer at one of the coffee sites (see #2 above) and receive a free gift plus several bags of coffee for a small fee.

Internet, Phone, Cable and Other Bills
1. If you are a Cognigen agent (see right side bar), you earn a commission of every bill you pay every month that you use through them. They have all the big providers including Sunrocket, TMobile, Sprint and more. It's like paying yourself.

Dining Out
1. You can earn rewards with a rewards credit card. If you have your credit/debit card registered at Upromise (and it is a restaurant that is affiliated with them), you will earn a percentage of your bill.

Auction Sites
1. If you are a member of one of the sites listed above, you can sign up for a membership to a book club, DVD club or CD club, earn money and then sell the brand new products on auction sites for even more money. This way, you earn money for trying the service and then sell the product for even more revenue. Sites like, or ebay may be used.

Saving and Investing
1. You can earn money for opening online accounts at banks like HSBC, ING, Emigrant and even Bank of America. Look for deals and coupon codes that reward you with up to $50.00 (50 days after) for new accounts. (Read the fine print, some institutions require a direct deposit).
2. Open an account with Sharebuilder (using special coupon codes) and recieve an extra $50.00 after 60 days. (Be sure to read the fine print. They may require you to make a trade, thus reducing your intial investment).

Save Time and Money Using Your Computer
1. Online bill pay save you time and money. It may even save you from late fees. Check your bank and credit card statements for more information as to the ways you can utilize this service.
2. By using a site like WiseOrb, you can earn money for every search anyone makes from your computer. A simple action you take every time you sit at your computer!

These are just a few ways that I maximize every action and every dollar. At this moment, I have to step away. I'll make sure to return to add more to this entry.

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