Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wedding Resource

I know that some of th popular personal finance bloggers are planning their weddings. Here is a great resource for all the things you want. They are currently having a sale on many products. That's when you should make your purchase for the lowest possible price!

What does the site offer? Everything that you will need and much more. The currently have wedding cameras on sale. Their inventory includes Personalized Wedding Favors, bridal party gifts and even honeymoon favorites (for your private celebration).

If you enter the site, you will also find a very interesting section that offers a solution for every possible ugly unexpected event you can think of. They disuss everything from rowdy children, to intoxicated guests and even how to keep your weeding gown dry in case of inclelent weather. It's a great read for those that love to be prepared!

Good luck on those wedding plans....especially you Ms. Debthater!

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