Saturday, July 08, 2006

Working From Home: Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to working from home. Some people think that working from home is bliss. They don't see the whole picture. It is the best scenario for me and my large family, so I embrace it. Before you make that leap into working from home, think about the pros and cons.

The Advantages
Being the caregiver of a large family, it is imperative that I be available at all times. Working at a traditional 9-5 becomes an obstacle to wearing my primary title-mother. Most jobs are not so understanding when the school calls to tell you your child is running 103 fever. They're less understanding when the next day you get a call from your other child's school... I no longer have to ask for permission to go and pick up my sick child. I don't have to worry about early snow closings, bus delays or the other million things that can go wrong. I don't have to beg my boss to let me go to a graduation or other school function. I can be there when my kids need me. It works the other way too. If I am sick, I don't have to go to in work.

Another advantage of working from home is the money you save. I dont have to commute so that eliminates the transportation expenses. I don't have to buy clothing for the office or pay for lunch. What do I need? I need internet access, phone service and a computer which later will be tax deductible. One important thing is to remember is to keep accurate financial records.

My favorite part about working form home is that I can do most of the work when it is convenient for me. I can work at night when they're sleeping or during the day when they are in school. Those are the quietest times in my home! With my home based businesses, I can incorporate my kids into it. (I'll discuss that in another post).

The Disadvantages
One of the most complained about aspect is that your family assumes you don't work. People try to recruit you to do their errnads because "you don't work". If you are not disciplined, this may not be a good decision for you. A person has to set boundaries and make people realize you are working. Most work at home opportunites require you to be in front of a computer. Just because you are not in an office doesn't mean you're not working!

The second biggest disadvantage is the housework that is staring you in the face. Many people become sidetracked and start to do that one last project and then the whole day is gone. You need to schedule your day and take breaks to eat, regroup and relax before your family arrives. Life is hectic, it's worse without a plan.

What happens when your kids have summer vacation? You need to schedule time for your kids to be off doing fun activities. Keep them occupied, involve them in free programs or recruit family to help you keep them busy. Remember, you have to work to pay the bills.

Working from home is not for everybody. Some people need to feel like they got up, got dressed and went forward to accomplish something, somehwere else. There are many different opportunities in this life. Only you know which ones are the right opportunities that will create success in your life.

Whether you decide to work from home with companies or run your own home based business, managing your time is very important. Make sure you make time for work and play!

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