Friday, July 21, 2006

PineCone Research Link, Freebies and a Bargain!

Welcome forum members. You know who you are. For some time now, you have heard me praise the survey company PineCone Research. I have promised to alert you as soon as I got access to the link, so that you too could join.

Here is the very coveted link:
PineCone Research Link

Here is the link for this week's freebies:
Freebies for the Week of July 17

Deal of the Season!
I couldn't believe it myself. For those of you that want to get a new laptop or have to get your college bound child a notebook, this is the time to do it! This notebook is on sale and the price after the rebate is $399.00. It also icludes a free all-in-one-printer!


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Freebies for the week of July 17

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