Saturday, July 22, 2006

Leftovers How To: Ground Beef

For the past few weeks, I have been giving different ways to present leftovers. the purpose for doing this is to stretch your grocery budget, reduce waste and to edibly enjoy your frugality. Here are a few more tips.

You cooked ground beef last night. You can either brown a large amount of beef at once and store it to make these different suggestions or serve it the next day. If you made sloppy joes one day, the next day you can serve any of these:
1. chili
2. stuffed green peppers
3. ziti
4. taco salad

My kids love taco salad. This can also be made the day after you make tacos. All you need to do is either take the broken taco shells that were left over or you can use nachos. Then layer all the regular ingredients of a taco, starting with the taco shels or nachos first. You can use all the left overs for the tacos:
1. sour cream
2. shredded lettuce
3. tomatoes
4. shredded cheese

It's very simple and it will reduce your waste and stretch your budget!

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