Friday, June 30, 2006

Leftovers How To: Vegetables (Part 2)

Last week, I wrote a short post on reintroducing leftovers in a different presentation. This helps with not only reducing waste in your household, but also with stretching the grocery budget. Here are a few more tips.

What can you do with those vegetables that were left over from last night?
You steamed broccoli and you a had good amount left over. Now, I don't put any butter on the broccoli for one important reason: you can't season it the next day. I steam the veggies and let the kids take the portion they are going to eat. Then....they can put butter on it in their plate.

The next day, I can use the rest of the broccoli to make any of these:
1. chicken with broccoli
2. fettuccine in alfredo sauce with broccoli
3. baked potatos with broccoli and cheese (you can add bacon too)
4. cream of broccoli soup

It's that easy. If you can cook a large enough amount one night, then you can save some for the next night and your prep time is cut in half!

Now isn't that easy? A baked potato is easy to make. You poke a few holes in a potato with a fork (after cleaning thoroughly), wrap it in a microwave safe paper towel and nuke it on high about 7 minutes each. You can also wrap them in aluminum foil and place them in an oven for an hour.

Let's say you made several baked potatoes and you had left overs! You can slice them, add a little pepper, salt and paprika to make home fries for breakfast or mashed potatoes for dinner.

Hope you enjoyed that tip!

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