Sunday, June 25, 2006

Leftovers How To: It's All About Presentation (Part I)

People tell me it's hard to get kids to eat leftovers. My family is a little bit different. My biological children and my niece know how to make themselves something to eat, reheat or reinvent leftovers. The oldest won't eat or reheat leftovers, he wasn't raised by me... Anyway, to solve this problem I decided to use different tactics. Maybe he doesn't want to eat reheated food, but what if it doesn't look like leftovers?

This entry will give you a few ways to present "chicken" leftovers in a different way. In the future I will give you a few ways to present beef, veggies and fruits!

What You Need
1. When I go to the supermarket, I always check out the sales. I usually pick up a pack of drumsticks, thighs, or chicken breasts at the lowest possible price. I will post the receipt when I find it, I paid less than $3.00 for a 12-14 pack of drumsticks. To save money and time, you may want to buy two packages. These can be used for two or three days worth of meals, according to the size of your family and whether or not you brown bag it to work!
2. Seasonings that you and your family enjoy.

What You Do
1. Bake the drumsticks (or whatever you purchased)as you normally do.
2. Serve as usual.

The Next Day
1. Take the leftover drumsticks from the fridge and take the chicken off the bone.
2. Depending on how much is left you can either use the chicken
a. in a salad.
b. in baked dish.
c. in a soup.
3. You would just add the shredded chicken to any of the above dishes. They don't even have to know it was yesterday's chicken.

One Recipe They Enjoy
This is one of their favorite recipes. I thought I would share it.

You need:
1 package of your favorite pasta (they like penne, ziti or rigatoni)
1 18 oz jar of spaghetti sauce
8 oz of cheese (your choice)-it's cheaper if you shred it yourself!
leftover shredded chicken
a shallow baking pan
1 tbsp. of basil
1 tbsp. of oregano

1. Cook the pasta as stated on the package.
2. Mix the pasta, sauce, seasonings, cheese and chicken.
3. Bake at 325 degrees for 30-35 minutes.

It's done! Serve with salad, garlic bread or any other sides your family enjoys! It's actually ziti with a twist. Great for those kids that don't like ground beef.

Hope you enjoyed the tips. Feel free to send me an email for any other questions, suggestions, comments or if you have a post on the same topic that you would like me to link to. Feel free to link to this post.

Bon apettit!

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