Friday, June 30, 2006

Home Based Businesses: What Motivates Me to Succeed

Someone asked me how I keep motivated when dealing with my businesses. I thought that was a great question! I know how and why I stay motivated, but others don't. Since I love to share my knowledge with others, I thought this would make a great post!

First let's see what the definition of motivation is according to merriam-webster online.

Main Entry: mo·ti·va·tion
Pronunciation: "mO-t&-'vA-sh&n
Function: noun
1 a : the act or process of motivating b : the condition of being motivated
2 : a motivating force, stimulus, or influence : INCENTIVE, DRIVE

There are several great motivating factors in my life.

My kids
My children are the greatest motivators. Besides the fact that they are constantly growing, eating and depleting resources, I am their primary caregiver. I need to be available at a moment's notice. I live very far from family and friends and I don't have a support system. This means that if they are sick in school, I would have to miss work. When the baby broke his leg, I stayed home. When they have school functions.... well...if I don't attend they will be alone. That's the way it is. I have to be there and be present body, mind and soul.

The boss from hell
For the first time in my whole life, I was let go from a job. At this job, I was hailed for my accomplishments, the clients loved me and I loved the job. I went above and beyond. I was asked to make myself available to clients at my home number and cell numner and was demanded to take work home. (I was not paid for any of this or reimbursed for any expenses incurred.) This was a non profit organization. The directors changed and the Martha Stewart clone came to "power". She made many of us cry, changed our schedules from one day to another to get us to quit and forced us to work under poor conditions (she made me work in a building with no heat for a week during upstate NY winter). She refused to let me take time to have my son's evaluations done for early intervention, made me stay late (even though I told her I was jeopardizing my day care) and made us come into work when the town was closed (due to a blizzard). I risked my life and those of my children to make it to work that day and then she let me go a week later. Most of the employees that were there were let go or quit since her tyranny began. People she hired have quit the same day. She made me work through lunch, refused to let me go to a school function where my son stood alone and hung my job security over my head on a regular basis. I waited to purchase a car (mine was on its final days) until she told me I would have job stability. I bought the car, drove it to work and she let me go the next day. Would that be motivation enough for you? I vowed I would never alow someone to dictate my life and the life of my children like she did. Within weeks of losing my employment, the evaluations confirmed my suspicions. My youngest child was diagnosed with autism and my 13 yr old was diagnosed with ADD. Had I not lost that job, I never would have been able to take him to the myraid of specialists his diagnosis required. (It was a blessing in disguise).

The bills
They have to get paid. Food shelter and clothing need to be provided for the kids. The money has to come from somewhere. They didn't ask to be born, they didn't ask for their father to leave. I try to do the best that I can and I pray for God to give me the strength to do the rest. I know, bills aren't a great motivator for some. For me, those bills are the difference between living here and having to live in the city. Here I have a car, a home and the best services available for my autistic son.

The final motivator is success. It's sink or swim. I'm not sinking. I have been able to survive being abandoned with so many kids in the middle of nowhere. I have triumphed in being able to work again, with so many kids and no support system. After he left in less them a month, I got my driver's license, a job and was able to care for myself and my kids. Failure is not an option. People have said that earning money as a blogger is next to impossible, I have received my first check from google and am receving payments regularly from other blogging sources. Anyone can succeed if you just put your mind to it. Set goals, meet them and persevere. I'm not going to stop until I am out of debt and on the road to attaining wealth. I have to keep going because my kids are watching. I always tells them they can do whatever they set their minds to and I have to prove it.

The Bottom Line
Children learn from example and I want and expect great things for and from them...
They are always watching. Need I say more?

Now what motivates you?

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That's a great story filled with nuggets of wisdom any small business consulting firm could appreciate. Thanks for all your insights.